Hamswan Virtual Reality Headset

Hamswan Virtual Reality VR Headset Glasses Family Clan

Hamswan Virtual Reality Headset

Hamswan make a whole range of gadgets and gizmo’s and they have asked me to review these Virtual Reality Glasses. I’d seen them around, but to be honest I have never used this type of technology before, but thought it would be fun to try. Boy was I right!

Granddad Al is into sci-fi, which I don’t mind, but when you’ve watch all the Star Trek series and all the Stargate series, there’s only so much you can take, so I tried these out whilst he was watching Andromeda the Dylan Hunt series. I wanted to catch up on some BBC programmes that I had missed so I put the BBC iPlayer on my phone and popped it into the front of the headset.

Hamswan VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses Review Family Clan

It’s so easy to set up! You can adjust the distance from your eyes to get it in focus and the eye width too, with a quick turn of a couple of wheels on the top of the glasses then I was set to go.

Hamswan VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses Review Family Clan

Their is a good amount of leather padding around the face and on the ears. Then with an adjustable strap that goes on your head. I found it a really comfortable fit whilst I was wearing it. I was worried it was going to be a bit heavy but it was fine they are really lightweight.

Hamswan VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses Review Family Clan

The controls are under the base of the headset so easily to find and use. I can see why those who play the computer games love wearing these as you feel immersed into the programme you are watching or the game you are playing. It’s a totally different feeling than sitting down watching it on TV.


Technical Info

The HAMSWAN VR headset fits for almost all smartphones within 4.0″-6.0″ screen size 

HAMSWAN VR headset updated version, integrate visual and auditory, provide stereo sound while enjoying IMAX 3D movies or gaming

Hamswan VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses Review

Innovative magnetically detachable T-shape cover and T-shape belt with Velcro adjustment makes the wearing more stable and comfortable. Soft PU leather patch prevents heat and stuffy in long time use, easy to clean for it is detachable, fit your face appropriately and would provide no pressure.

This virtual reality headsets provides a fully immersive entertainment experience.

A cinema night in the comfort of your own home, the Hamswan headet uses your smartphone display & camera for VR & AR experiences. Virtual Reality systems for turning your TV room into a one-person StarTrek holodeck in your own home.

When buying a virtual reality headset you should consider what technology you already own, android, Iphone, windows, etc. When choosing a headset you want to decide whether you want it for gaming or just casual virtual reality experiences.


I know I will be using this Hamswan VR Virtual Reality headset quite a lot in future. It has been a totally different experience for me, but one that I have actually enjoyed.



Nanna Jane

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5 Thoughts to “Hamswan Virtual Reality Headset”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    These are so cool – the boys have a pair – I’ve used them myself

  2. L Whittaker

    This looks good. Can’t believe how quickly technology moves nowadays and VR seems to be developing faster than most things at present.

  3. Zoff

    Thank you for this article.

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    This sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the review.

  5. William Gould

    I always remember seeing a guy on TV wearing a VR headset – he fell over when he went to lean against a virtual table! lol
    Something to be careful of…

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