Halloween Fun with Little Brian Paint Sticks

Halloween Fun with Little Brian Paint Sticks

It’s spooky how creative Halloween can get with Little Brian Paint Sticks and Fabric Paint Sticks! Little Brian are here to help you in every crafting way possible with their magnificent Paint Sticks. 

Paint Sticks by Little Brian Review by Family Clan

Sometimes finding the perfect Halloween outfit can be tricky! But with Little Brian Fabric Sticks, making your own can be a real treat!

Jake and Grace absolutely love getting creative, from making inventions with recycled boxing to getting their paint brushes out and making some lovely pictures. They couldn’t wait to try out these Little Brian Paint Sticks & Fabric Paint Sticks!

Beamish Museum Paint Sticks by Little Brian Review by Family Clan

After a visit to Beamish Museum a couple of days earlier and seeing giant pumpkins, this is inspired Jake and Grace to each want to create pumpkins on their t-shirts with their Little Brian Fabric Sticks.

Paint Sticks by Little Brian Review by Family Clan

What are Fabric Paint Sticks and how do they work?

Fabric Paint Sticks are a clean, fun and very convenient way to paint fabrics. Using your Fabric Paint Stick you paint directly onto fabric. The sticks are pretty much the same as glue sticks, you just need to twist to lift and unleash your creativity onto your fabric of choice.

Lets get making with Fabric Paint Sticks!

We got really creative with these Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks I got two white t-shirts for them to spook-up and decorate for some Halloween fun by using the Fabric Paint Sticks on these tops to create their own Halloween themed design.

They each placed their t-shirt in front of them on the table flat and began to think of how they would like their design to be displayed on their t-shirt. They both began by drawing the outline of their pumpkin using the orange Fabric Paint Stick.

Paint Sticks by Little Brian Review by Family Clan

Upon creating his pumpkin’s outline, Jake chose to do his in the shape of one of the ghosts out of pac-man to give it a creepy but fun look.

Paint Sticks by Little Brian Review by Family Clan

Using the black paint stick he also added a spider web, spiders (as the dots) additional ghost, and ‘Boooo!!’.

Grace on the other hand, she wanted to make a rainbow style pumpkin.

Paint Sticks by Little Brian Review by Family Clan

After she outlined her pumpkin with Nanna Jane she then used a variety of Fabric Paint Sticks to create the rainbow pattern on the pumpkin.

Paint SPaint Sticks by Little Brian Review by Family Clanticks by little brian review by Family Clan


Nearly finished and really happy with her progress so far, all she wanted to do now was add her name so everyone knows who she is!

Paint Sticks by Little Brian Review by Family Clan

A very happy Grace with her t-shirt she has created using the Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks.

The Fabric Paint Sticks worked really well, but not particularly easy on ribbed tops, so next time I will remember to get a plain no patterned top, my fault!

When their spooky masterpieces were done we now needed to allow the pattern to set. To do this all you need to do is simply iron on the reverse side or blow-dry the fabric with a hair dryer and it will set really easily.

What’s more, the Fabric Paint sticks can even withstand washing up to 40’C. Little Brian Fabric Sticks are so easy to use even the scariest ghouls will have trouble making a mess with these! Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks come in a pack of 12 colours and are available from Amazon.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

The Little Brian Paint Sticks are also a safe way for younger children to decorate a pumpkins or simply to use on paper they are fantastic and work so easy. So simple to use, simply pick your colour, twist and let their imaginations run wild!

Little Brian Paint Sticks review by Family Clan

We really are going all out with our Halloween decorations this year, we have spider webs at the door, skeletons hanging in the hall way, and Jake and Grace have used these Little Brian Paint Sticks to get really creative using them to create a Halloween poster!

They loved the good giant size of the paint sticks, allowing them to be creative in their drawings and for them to be instantly visible and not having to go over their designs to stand out! Little Brian Paint Sticks are available from Amazon as a pack of 24. which includes 12 classic colours, 6 day glow colours, 6 metallic colours.

Paint Sticks by Little Brian Review by Family Clan

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a great Halloween we will be spending ours at a birthday party followed by Trick or Treating, busy night!

Our Thoughts

We have really enjoyed getting ready for Halloween and creative with these Little Brian Paint Sticks, they have been really fun and no mess left behind!

Paint Sticks are also a great chunky size allowing even the youngest of children to get great creative with little mess for you to clean up afterwards! You can read more about them on Little Brian’s website.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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7 Thoughts to “Halloween Fun with Little Brian Paint Sticks”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    Great work! These sound really good and easy to use.

  2. Rosemary Tily

    A really good idea when my grand-daughter and her friends visit for the day. I shall stock up on a few teen-size cheap. plain T-shirts and leave them to it!

  3. Julie Scattergood

    It looks like the children had great fun. Fab results.

  4. ashleigh allan

    These look great – lots of great work, well done kids!

  5. Ellie Emmerson

    Think will have to try the t-shirt idea ! We love halloween so things to do in the run up to it are great.

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    We love these – great fun – certainly gets the boys to stretch their imagination

  7. Leila Benhamida

    I love the idea of the t-shirt, great for enjoying on the day and save as a memory. Beautiful colour selection.

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