Halloween 2015!


We had an amazing night of Halloween trick or treating! After months of Jake asking when  it was and counting down the days we finally went trick or treating
Jake dressed as a skeleton and Grace dressed as a witch equipped with bags and broom stick, we took to the streets and had a lovely night.
Every door that was opened Jake screamed ‘trick or treat’ definitely giving frights to others! where as Grace was unsure at 1st but she enjoyed the experience when she realised what she was getting at the end of all the knocking, with the occasional ‘ba bye’

Lovely night and they now have a supply to last them I’m sure until the next Halloween!

After having a bath both of them fell asleep watching a film within 1 hour, job well done!   Mummy H
Halloween Night

3 Thoughts to “Halloween 2015!”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Can’t believe it’s nearly Halloween again – it’s massive these days

  2. Gemma Cook

    Great blog post. Love the costumes x

  3. Maya Russell

    Halloween is a lot of fun for kids. We got a bucket full of treats too!

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