GIVEAWAY: Half Term Visit to Sea Life Blackpool

Sea Life Blackpool

We had a lovely visit to Blackpool  Sea Life centre during half term. We was invited to go with PlayDoh, We had already planned a day in Blackpool, so this extra trip fell in perfectly with our plans.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan

We decided to have a quick drink, before going in to the attraction. You can see it here, but Olivia had a Unicorn Slushie, so much more exciting than tea! Oh the stuffed dog that Olivia brought for the adventure is Whisky and she had a great time too.

Blackpool Sea Life

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan

You just have to do the “I was here” shot. Daddy T and Olivia obliged for this photo.  It’s a great start to your adventure. We accessed one of Blackpool’s main attractions via the lift, which is great for parents with prams or disabled visitors like myself. Just one floor up in the lift and Olivia was really excited.

Rock Pools

We went to the Rock Pool area first. Olivia was fascinated that some of the sea life was having a rest in some area’s and you was asked not to touch them. We had a little discussion about how it would feel to be picked up by massive giants all day and we was glad that some of them had a rest time.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan Rock Pool Rest Time

We couldn’t actually get near the rock pools where you could hold the starfish etc, but we could hear one of the attractions staff telling us some great facts.


Did you know that Starfish feed by emptying their stomachs through their mouth covering their food choice, such as mussels or clams and then pick off the digestible bits.

Atlantic Depths

In the Atlantic Depths area we found out about fish and sea creatures that are native to the shore lines of the North West. These include not only several types of fish but also Anemones, Starfish, Crabs, Place, Lobster and Octopus.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan

Stingray Adventures

Olivia loved looking into the tank through the glass domes that were placed around the top for a close view. She loved it when this ray swam past as it raced around the tank. We think it was showing off to all the visitors.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan

You can see how much she loved it in this photo.

Blackpool Sea Life Family Clan Blog

This beautiful specimen gave a lovely display, it was showing off to attract a mate according to Katie one of the staff around this tank.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan Turbot and Ray Fsh
The turbot is the lighter coloured flat fish in this photo.


Did you know that Turbot fish start out life as normal fish shapes? As they grow one of their eyes migrates over to the other side and they become flat fish.

Kingdom of the Seahorse

These are my favourite sea life creatures. I’ll admit a little secret, I actually thought they were myths like unicorns until about 15 years ago when one was discover in the River Thames – I know sad, but it’s very true.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan Sea Horses Seahorse

I love the way they like to swim in pairs with their tails joined. They just look so magical floating around. Olivia and Whisky loved these too.

I was disturbed by some of the fact about them though.

  • Roughly another million seahorses are caught each year for the curio trade. They are hung out alive in the sun to dry and then made into ornaments and tourist souvenirs. So please do not buy them.
  • Every year over 150 million seahorses are thought to be taken from the wild for use in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Trade.
  • There is no scientific evidence to back up claims from The Traditional Medicine Trade that say seahorses have the power to cure all kind of ailments from asthma to insomnia to impotence.

In this area you can see both Clown Fish and Royal Blue Tang – think Nemo and Dory from the film Finding Nemo.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan Clown Fish NemoBlackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan Royal Blue Tang Dory

In this area Olivia spotted the Unicorn tang fish. She has a thing for Unicorns, so was really impressed with this fish.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan Unicorn Fish

Ocean Tunnel

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan Shark

In the Ocean Tunnel sharks, turtles, groupers and many more fish swim above your head and alongside you. Olivia loved having a close up look at this spectacular specimen.


When the team here at SEA LIFE Blackpool cleaned out the ocean tank a couple of years ago they found close to 40,000 shark teeth!! Sharks have adapted to growing teeth within one day after losing them while eating.

We took so many photographs during our visit that we have made up a YouTube video of some of them that you can watch.

This would be a perfect place to visit during half term or any time of the year. We went a couple of years ago when there was a spectacular star fish display. You can read about that here.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan PlayDoh Professor Finn & Olivia

At the very end of our visit, we met Professor Finn. He had a task for us as we was going around. Olivia had to spot the coloured shark teeth he had placed around the aquarium. If you found them all correctly you won a tub of PlayDoh.

Blackpool Sea Life Centre Feb 2019 Family Clan PlayDoh Shark Olivia

There was PlayDoh to create a creature from your visit. Olivia made a Great Green Shark. She really wanted to put white teeth in it but sadly the kids before hand had mixed all the coloured dough together, so he ended up with light green teeth that hadn’t been cleaned all week. Ewww, but we love her imagination.


I would suggest that you purchase tickets on line before you go as you save quite a bit of money.

Adult: £14.00

Child: £11.50

Group of 4: £11.50pp
(These are advanced booking prices)
If you want to get closer to the Sea Life creatures here are some of the other options

Snorkel with sharks and a turtle: From £50pp

Feed the sharks: From £27.50pp

Keeper for the day: From £150.

Opening Times

Blackpool Sea Life is open all year round – (apart from Christmas Day)

from 10am -4pm Monday to Friday


from 10am -5pm on a Saturday and Sunday.

We can’t wait to go back again.

Nanna Jane



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