Haircut Time For Grace

Grace had a hair cut yesterday. It has been wanting a good trim for a while now, although she like’s it long, she does agree it needed a bit of a trim.

We wanted to get her booked in a couple of weeks ago and get it trimmed along with her monthly fringe appointment, but we had little ‘friends’ visit from school.

Now that the nits are rid and re-treated, we walked to the hairdressers after school to have her hair cut. She just loves it there and loves chatting away to the ladies that cut her hair.

Grace's hair cut

Finishing off with a lollipop for her and Jake of course!

Mummy H & Grace

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4 Thoughts to “Haircut Time For Grace”

  1. debbieskerten

    You have beautiful hair Grace. The colour is gorgeous.

  2. Laura Wheatley

    aww bless her. My 12 year old just had her hair cut, it was way past her bum and really didn’t want it cutting but it was so long we just couldn’t manage it anymore, and with her being at secondary school now she really needs to be able to brush her hair properly herself.

  3. kayleigh watkins

    My daughter is 6 and her hair is down to her bottom, she has let me trim it 2-3 times ever (fringe every few weeks), we call her Rapunzel and everyone compliments how long and beautiful her hair is, as she also has natural high lights xx

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Can’t beat a lollipop after your hair is finished

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