Gulp Milk Drinks

Gulp Milk Drinks Review

We nipped into Asda last night for something for dinner, we saw these new Gulp milkshake drinks & decided to give them a go.

They had all three flavours banana, strawberry & chocolate in the fridge section, we chose a banana & a strawberry, we are not big fans of chocolate milkshakes.

Family Clan Blog Gulp Milkshake Drink


I would have took a photo of the milkshake itself but I forgot & drunk it all…ooops sorry.

They are from the Arla foods who are no newcomer to the milk product world but they are newbies in the chocolate milk world this report from The Grocer written only a few months ago states how Arla “are not in it for the short term, we are not a flash in the pan” which to me is good news as their first two drinks are really tasty.

They are very thick & creamy seeing they are made with UHT skimmed milk & have long best before dates on the both stating as 04.12.2013, so great to keep for a different drink & they don’t have to be kept in the fridge!  But we served ours chilled as these type of drinks always taste better & are more refreshing & room temperature milk always reminds me of the school milk we used to have to drink.

The strawberry bottle states in a mixture of fun fonts “No sip or nibble for strawberry Gulp, just gulps

First you shake & you shake, shake, shake & the you Gulp”  with the banana saying things along similar lines

Granddad Al thought they were velvety smooth with a no sickly after taste like some other milkshakes.  We found them to be very thick & creamy, unlike the Friji brand which is more of a gloop Gulp is more akin to milk in thickness and consistency, also considerable cheaper at the moment being priced at 50p for 500ml, instead of the £1.30 for 471ml for the Friji.   Gulp is priced more at the can of fizzy drink price range but you are getting more than the 330ml that the can holds & is a perfect solution when you don’t want anything fizzy. Although made with UHT milk you cannot taste it hardly at all.

Would we buy them again? Yes I think we would as long as they stay at a similar price.

Here is what the chocolate looks like for your information

Gulp-Chocolate Family Clan Blog Gulp Milkshake Drink


Skimmed Milk 85%, Sugar, Cream, Whey Protein Concentrate, Skimmed Milk  Powder, Glucose Syrup,  Stabilisers,  Flavouring.

The plastic is recyclable too

Family Clan Rating 8/10

Nanna Jane

I purchased these with our own money, this review is my honest opinion.  I was not paid for this post.

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5 Thoughts to “Gulp Milk Drinks”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Not heard of this brand before so many on the market it’s hard to keep up

  2. Pam Francis Gregory

    They look lovely – Really like a good milkshake!

  3. Neil

    The strawberry one tastes lovely

  4. Mohammed

    Are they suitable for vegetarians

    1. Nanna-Jane

      I’m sorry Mohammed you will have to check the bottles, I haven’t any in the fridge at the moment.

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