Growing Bump Week 24

I am now 24 weeks and 6 days. The weeks are flying over and but this feels like I’ve met a safety barrier and Baby Nemo is now viable.

Like I said at 22-23 weeks the movement are a lot stronger and they still are. Baby Nemo is moving all day long now. Big brother Logan felt his baby move. This really freaked him out and will not go near or touch my tummy but hopefully he will pass this stage. However every day when I come in from work he gives me and his baby a cuddle and a kiss and gets so excited which is super cute!

Growing Bump Week 24 Family Clan Blog

I started buying a few bits and pieces for baby this week like sleepsuits and vests.

We will get to hear Baby Nemo’s heartbeat on Wednesday and maybe take my blood (ugh, hate needles!!)

And sadly, next Tuesday is my last of working! I have loved every minute of it so I’m gutted to be going. But onwards and upwards, a celebration of my 27th birthday soon, Baby Nemo is due In May and we have a family holiday book in October. So lots of exciting things to look forward too!

Mummy E

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3 Thoughts to “Growing Bump Week 24”

  1. madrasa1

    Congratulations, love seeing all of your updates and the pics are so cute! Can’t wait for the little one to arrive, once again , congrats! 🙂

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    All exciting -before you know it your special delivery will be here

  3. Kim W

    Congratulations and look forward to seeing the new arrival on here eventually! Have a nice rest beforehand!

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