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Greener gardening with Ecofective

Spring is finally here! The weather is changing and we are so excited to see flowers bloom, wildlife and insects coming out, a great time to get the garden prepared for the months ahead with Ecofective.

Who are Ecofective?

Ecofective are passionate about creating beautiful gardens with minimal impact on the environment around us. They aim to provide you with the tools you need to create a garden that you want. Using the best and most environmentally sensitive feed, weed, clean and control products.

Whether you use your garden to grow your own produce, or as an area to relax in with your friends, family and pets or even as a safe haven to welcome the UK’s most beloved wildlife, Ecofective gives gardeners very effective alternatives to conventional chemical garden care products.

What’s more their products are all made in the UK and derived from natural solutions.

Their promise is to provide greener, safer home and garden care.

Ecofective products

ecofective child and pet safe gardening products review by Family Clan 9

Just check out this great selection of garden products that Ecofective have to offer.

We love spending time in the garden when the weather gets warmer, whether that be watching the children playing, planting, having a barbecue or just relaxing soaking up the sun.

To have products that are safe for my children is obviously something important. It is also great that their products are pet safe, but the only pet’s we have are fish! Needless to say they don’t use the garden much.

Slug Defence

ecofective child and pet safe gardening products review by Family Clan

These Ecofective Slug barrier granules are a natural ready to use granule that can be applied around the base of edible and ornamental plants both in the garden and in plant posts, to protect against slug and snail damage.

These are so perfect for my strawberry plants, as we have a section at the bottom of the garden fully dedicated to strawberry plants, as my daughter, Grace, loves them so much. But with them being straight into the soil and not raised we often find that slugs can get to them before we do.

So using this slug defence around the base of the plants once they start to fruit will be perfect to protect the strawberry. The granules are safe to use around children, pets & wildlife and serves a physical barrier against slugs & snails.
I will add photo’s once they start growing.

 Rose Defender

ecofective child and pet safe gardening products review by Family Clan

This rose defender is ready to use on arnamental and edible crops. The spray controls a wide rang of pest species including whitefly, aphid, red spider mite, mealybug, scale and pysllid.

Due to physical mode of action these pests will not become resistant to Ecofective rose defender.

Applying the spray early morning or late evening is best, but it is also advised to do a test before using on the plant to see if the plant can withstand the application.

We really do struggle with Aphids every single year with our chilli plants, although our tomato plants seem to avoid them. I have been using this a few weeks now on some of the chilli plants which have been affected and I can say, it really is working. The chilli plants are thriving now and some are already growing their fruit.

Houseplant Boost

ecofective child and pet safe gardening products review by Family Clan

This Housepant boost is a ready to use liquid. It is full of natural ingredients with the added bonus of Delta+, a biostimulant to increase nutrient uptake by plants.

I have used this to help with my chilli plants. I normally do use Chilli Focus, but that can be quite pricey at £20 a bottle, so I am always looking for alternatives.

I have used this Houseplant Boost for my chilli’s and tomatoes for the past month now, they are thriving and the seedlings came earlier than expected. Now I have repotted some of my tomatoes outside due to the sheer size of how they are growing.

The boost is ready to use with no mixing you just need to water your plants then apply one cap full of feed into the base of the plants. With this being a one litre bottle this solution does go a long way.

It is produced from a blend of natural ingredients, sugars, amino proteins and phosphate, which provides a balanced feed for plants along with a biostimulant which encourage the plants to take up nutrients quickly, giving good results sooner and is suitable for most houseplants, indoor grown capsicums and herbs.

Safe to Clean

ecofective child and pet safe gardening products review by Family Clan

This Safe to Clean is the future of cleaning! By using friendly and helpful bacteria (probiotics) this solution is safe to use around children, pet, wildlife and ponds.

If you use this on your path it will also not scorch your lawn, and amazingly it is ideal for artificial grass.

The non-hazardous suffactants provide the initial cleaning effect then the friendly/helpful bacteria get to work eating away at the dirt.

As long as there is dirt for the bacteria to feed off they will multiply and keep eating away to provide a long lasting cleaning effect. I am simply wowed by this, as we all just presume that bacteria is bad, right? Who knew it could help us with cleaning!

To use for 1L, dilute 50ml (a cap) into every your 1 litre of clean water. Then spray onto outdoor areas and you can either leave it to dry, or after 1 minutes wipe away.

If you are using more i.e. 10L then apply using a soft brush/cloth and leave for 1 minutes.

I can’t wait to clean my patio with this solution and with the bottle being 1.5L there is plenty of solution for lots of use.

Bug & Mildew Control

ecofective child and pet safe gardening products review by Family Clan

The Bug & Mildew Control is perfectly suited for flowers, fruit & vegetables. It is ready to use and a pesticide free spray for use on ornamental and edible crops. It controls a wide range of pest species including whitefly, aphid, red spider mite, mealybug, scale and psyllid.

They will not become resistant to the application due to the physical mode of action. It also protects against powdery mildew by washing off the spores and foliar feeds on applying.

Advised to apply early morning or late evening and a patch test is advised.

Organic Wonder Feed

ecofective child and pet safe gardening products review by Family Clan

This Ecofective Organic Wonder Feed concentrate is produced from a blend of natural ingredients, sugars, amino proteins and phosphate. It also contains a bio stimulant which encourages the plants to take up nutrients quickly which will give you results sooner.

This solution is suitable for all types of plants. It helps to promote strong and healthy plants under glass and outdoors.

Just mix 30ml into 4.5 litres of water into a watering can, then apply to the base of the plants. This 1.5L bottle makes up to 50 watering cans. So much from a little bottle.

Natural Lawn Feed & Root Enhancer

ecofective child and pet safe gardening products review by Family Clan

The Natural Lawn Feed and Root Enhancer is child and pet safe. I can understand with the lawn being the majority of the garden you would want to use a product that would be safe to use around your pet if they use the garden regularly.

We have gave this box over to our neighbours as their lawn is in need of an enhance due to having their dog in their garden.

This will help it become greener and healthier. What’s more it is also drought and stress resistant.

This box will feed for 8-10 weeks by the concentrated mini granules. They are natural and ready to use with seaweed & mycorrhizae. works symbiotically with the grass roots to improve the health and greener growth. The feed can be applied during drought conditions, if watered in or will activate when it rains.

It is advised to use this after mowing on an average of every 8-10 weeks and you can apply 27g per square metre which is pretty fantastic right seems the whole box is 4kg.

ROOTplus 3 in 1

ecofective child and pet safe gardening products review by Family Clan

Ecofevtive ROOTplus is a combined 3 in 1 which contains Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria for stronger development of root systems. Water retainer, so less watering, Fertiliser to get better establishment.

Suited for container plants, trees and shrubs and bulbs, potatoes sets and plug plants. You can give your plants the best start using this ROOTplus.

We dimply used some of the grains into the soil of our plants and it’s gave them that much needed boost to start the seedlings off.

Our Thoughts

Ecofective Child & Pet Safe products come in such a variety of products. I love the idea that they are child and pet safe.

Get your garden ready and look after your garden with this great range of products from Ecofective website.

Mummy H


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