Grand Children

Grand Children

Been a mixed bag this week for the grand children.


Jake came out of school on Tuesday with a little certificate for writing his name, he was so proud of how clever he is, rightly so I say.

Jake Writing Certificate

At the age of three year & eight months I think he’s doing very well in school.  He really enjoys his time there.  He goes every afternoon from 12:15 to 15:15, which is long enough for him at this stage.


Poor Olivia is poorly with the chicken pox, poor mite has had both Mummy M & Daddy T up for the past few nights.  How ever last night she managed to sleep through.  Lots of Calpol & Calamine is doing the trick.  But I hate seeing her looking like this.

Olivia Chicken Pox

It’s heart breaking, knowing there is nothing you can do for your child/grandchild but let the illness run it course.  I know it’s nothing compared to what some children & babies are going through, but it’s bad enough for us.  Luckily with the weather being warm she’s been able to run around with nothing on, which has helped, as we all know clothing would rub & make her it more.  Lots of ice pops to bring down her temperature & give her some fluids.  You can just see Raff in her left hand he’s been a great comfort to her too.


We Grace is growing much to fast, can’t believe she is 8 months old already, we haven’t seen her physically since she was born, but thanks to Skype I’ve seen her growing up.  She now weighs 16lbs 12oz just two weeks ago she was 16lbs 6oz, so is really putting her weight on now, before she starts crawling & getting more active. This is what greets Mummy H every morning


Jealous you bet I am, but they are, hopefully, coming over soon for a visit I can’t wait.  With being poorly I’ve not been well enough to go over to them in Washington, Newcastle. So really looking forward to that & having these smiles in a morning for me & Granddad Al.

Nanna Jane

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One Thought to “Grand Children”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Great looking back – great to see them growing up so fast lots of changes THROUGH the years

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