Grace’s new baby chicks

Grace’s nursery has had baby chicks hatch today!

At 9AM they had one baby chick that had hatched overnight, and by the time I had picked her up there was five!

She is over the moon and keeps telling me they are making a ‘cheep cheep’ noise.

Graces chicks hatching new life Family Clan


I think it is great that she is having this experience learning about the chicks and seeing them hatch.

Mummy H

2 Thoughts to “Grace’s new baby chicks”

  1. Rosie

    It is a good experience. My cousin just got a few chickens and chicks, he was posting his grandchildren who are thrilled! He has a very secure wire enclosure safe from foxes, etc.

  2. Kim Styles

    I love seeing chicks hatch – the magic that I saw as a child, still is magic today!

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