Grace’s Little Visitor

This week Grace has came home with this beautiful picture of her holding a baby chick that has been hatched at nursery.

Grace & Chick Nursery June 2017 Family Clan Blog

Love this picture of her I also have one similar from when Jake was in nursery, growing up far to fast!

Jake & a chick Family Clan Blog

Mummy H

7 Thoughts to “Grace’s Little Visitor”

  1. Deborah Mackenzie

    What a lovely photo – and such a beautiful memory. Nothing nicer than baby animals and kids.

  2. kRIS

    awww so cute, this is lovely

  3. kRIS

    awww such lovelt pics 🙂

  4. Margaret gallagher

    So CUTE my sister started her own-we love visiting when they are about to hatch

  5. Lindsey Martin

    I remember this from when I was at school, how lovely for the children.

  6. Susie Wilkinson

    That has got to be one of the most adorable pictures ever!

  7. Kayleigh Watkins

    Awww what a beautiful photo, she looks really pleased bless her, they do this at my nieces school, but my daughter just has fish in her classroom xxx

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