Grace’s First Bike Ride

Grace’s First Bike Ride

Grace's First Bike Ride Family Clan Blog
Grace got a bike for her 3rd birthday.
She went on her first bike ride to pick Jake up from school and she loved it!

Grace's First Bike Ride Family Clan Blog
She found it hard to pedal, but luckily she had help from her big brother Jake.  He helped her all the way home.

Mummy H

7 Thoughts to “Grace’s First Bike Ride”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Priceless memory – love looking back over photos – never fails to make me smile

  2. s powell

    Great to see little ones outside playing Hope she enjoys many years of bike riding with her big brother .

  3. s powell

    Its great to see a proud big brother helping his sister

  4. RachelSwirl

    oh bless her, happy memories and happy riding!

  5. Spencer Broadley

    So nice to see big brother helping – they must get on brilliantly (but I bet there’s the odd fight!!!)

    1. Mummy H

      Yes, get on absolutely brilliant, they don’t fight but whinging mainly when Grace not getting what she wants that Jake has!

      1. Spencer Broadley

        haha – the fights will come eventually!!!! Whinging I know all about but that is Mummy who they go to not me as daddy because she is the softie unlike me!!!

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