A Gorgeous Bouquet from Nanna Doll

Thank You Nanna Doll

Well Nanna Doll or Mum is in trouble again!  We had a knock on the door and when Grand Dad Al answered it he was given the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers.
Mum 28th Anniversary Bouquet Family Clan

About Our Wedding

I knew who they was from as soon as I saw them and rang her up to say thank you even before I even had hold of the flowers.  It is our 28th Wedding Anniversary today, we actually got married on a Friday too.  We held the ceremony at the register office in Chorley, Lancashire then when to The Queens Hotel pub in Bamber Bridge for the buffet, drinks and cake.

It was a very small wedding with just family present, we had no money to spend on a big lavish affair. We already had our four children and I was four months pregnant with Mummy H. My only regret is not getting a professional photographer, but sadly the money wasn’t there. We had a lovely day and then spent the weekend in the Lake District, which is the most perfect place to spend a honeymoon.

Mum 28th Anniversary Bouquet Family Clan

Whats in the Bouquet

The bouquet includes Chrysanthemums, Roses, Sunflowers and little tiny pink flowers, that I’ve never seen before. Do you know what they are called?

Mum 28th Anniversary Bouquet Family Clan

Sunflowers always make me smile as they remind me of travelling through France when the children were little and seeing fields upon fields of them growing.

Mum 28th Anniversary Bouquet Family Clan

The yellow roses are stunning, and the green flowers, that I am presuming are a chrysanthemum variant is so different. The smell is so luxurious from them all.

Thank you Mum,  we love you loads.

We are hoping to going out tomorrow for a meal to celebrate our special event.

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Nanna Jane

8 Thoughts to “A Gorgeous Bouquet from Nanna Doll”

  1. kefkat

    Beautiful bouquets: I do hope Nanna doll or/and Mom have managed to stay out of trouble ;o )

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    Congratulations. The flowers are stunning. Love the colours

  3. Kayleigh Watkins

    Oh wow!!! They are absolutely beautiful, I love receiving flowers xxx

  4. Louise Clarke

    what stunning flowers and colour combinations

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thanks Louise. I love them. It’s Mums birthday Friday so I will be returning the gesture. xx Jane

  5. Susie Wilkinson

    28 years together is a real achievement, congratulations!

  6. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Congratulations they are beautiful (can’t quite think of the name of the LITTLE pinkies)
    Have loads of fun
    Looking forward to your 4TH anniversary blog

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thank Margaret. Asked around my friends and no-one seems to know their name either. Such a shame as they are so cute.

      We have some fabulous giveaways coming up. Have a lovely weekend. Jane. x

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