Googly Fruit Organic Goodness

Googly Fruit review by family Clan

Googly Fruit 100% Organic Fruit & Veg for Kids

Googly Fruit are a small new brand, that have just launched in the UK. They provide a number of fun, tasty fruit and vegetable snacks for young children, but the brand is about more than just the products themselves. Googly Fruit are on a mission to help kids make a lifelong friendship with fruit & veg. They make eating more fruit and veg fun for children with their range of tasty and attractive 100% organic fruit and veg snacks.

I for one have trouble getting Jake 7, to eat any type of vegetables when he comes to visit, the only one he will eat is potatoes when they are cooked to mash! Whereas Grace and Logan are super keen and will try anything the once, even if they don’t like the look of it, they’re always willing to give something new a test.

Fruit Packs

These resealable fruit packs are organic and 100% made of fruit, they have such a burst of flavour when you have them and get your taste buds tingling to the max!

Apple & Blueberry


Banana & Raspberry

Googly Fruit review by family Clan

Crunchy Puffs

These Googly Fruit organic crunchy puff packs are so yummy! The banana and strawberry flavored puffs were crunchy and tasted extremely yummy and were also heart shaped! The other two flavours have also gone down well amazingly with Grace and Logan.

Corn & Tomato 

Corn & Carrot

Corn, Banana & Strawberry  

Googly Fruit review by family Clan

Squeezy Fruity Snack

These squeezy fruity snacks come in various flavors and are actually really yummy, don’t be fooled that they are in the pouches you can buy for baby food. Nope, they are pretty much for ages 0-99! Easy to use and no mess! I’ve tried them and they were really nice and flavourful.

Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry & Raspberry

Apple, Pear, Carrot & Pumpkin

Apple, Sweet Potato & Clementine

Apple, Mango & Peach

Apple, Blueberry & Purple Carrot 


Googly Fruit review by family Clan

All full of 100% fruit/veg and no added nasties!

We have also been sent Googly Fruit Alphabet book to learn ABC’s which is very well presented and will make learning fun. Grace is in nursery and is starting to recognise various letters in the alphabet, so this book is super helpful. Whereas Logan is in Reception and is recognising the letters really easy and having a go at reading the full word too.  Alongside we was sent a Googly Fruit Activity book which Grace loves to sit and colour in with and do the activities.

Googly Fruit review by family Clan

Our Thoughts

These packs are brilliant, and I love the bright coloured images displaying the fruit clearly in a fun way. I think if we had these packs when Jake was younger and shown him the vegetables on the packs and then he tried the snack, he would grow to like the vegetable/fruit as he likes the snacks inside the Googly Fruit packets, but he just wont have any real vegetables/fruit. Not even bribery works! Grace and Logan loved trying Googly Fruit!

Googly Fruit are perfect for lunch boxes or days out, picnics or just to have ready for a snack. I think these are a fantastic idea.

You can see more about the range on the Googly Fruit website.

Mummy E, Jake & Grace

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4 Thoughts to “Googly Fruit Organic Goodness”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Have tried these now – certainly RECOMMEND to all

  2. sarahjane24carter

    I have not heard of googly fruit before I love that the packaging makes the fruit look fun my stepchildren would love these x

  3. Susie Wilkinson

    These look really great, and the googly eyed illustrations are so cute!

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Ive not heard of these – always on the lookout for healthy alternatives –

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