Googly Eyes – Wacky Vision Game

Googly Eyes is the new drawing game of wacky vision!

Googly Eyes by University Games is a hilarious drawing game that challenges your vision and leaves you googling for more! Is that an igloo or a turtle? A birthday cake or a fortress? Googly Eyes is a fun game that lets players of different ages and skill levels compete on equal terms, since the goggles make it fun and challenging for everyone.

Googly Eyes Review By Family Clan 2

Contents of the box:-

1 game board
4 plastic playing pieces
1 pair of wacky glasses
1 set of green easy lenses
1 set of yellow medium lenses
1 set of blue difficult lenses
1 dice
1 timer
1 drawing pad
1 pencil
54 cards (162 challenges and time limits)

How to play Googly Eyes

The object of the game is to be the first team to successfully make it around the game board from start to finish. Players take turns drawing challenges for their team to guess. Get it right and move towards the finish. Get it wrong and stay where you are. The catch is that you have to draw while wearing the wacky vision-altering glasses!

Googly Eyes Review By Family Clan

To set up the game we placed the game board down and the glasses and extra lenses next to the game board. Shuffle the cards together and placed them face down next to the board, choose out coloured playing piece and place them on start.

To play the game the team with the youngest player plays first and hands the timer to one of the other teams. The playing team determines which player will draw first. Roll the die, and move their playing piece the number of times shown. The colour of the space you land on will determine which challenge to draw and which lenses to use in the glasses.

Grace rolled the die and moved her playing pieces which landed on a green space. She then put the green lenses into the glasses. Then selected a card from the top of the pile, her challenge is the green circle containing ’15’. This denotes the time limit to 15 seconds on the timer to draw i.e. Mickey Mouse.

Googly Eyes Review By Family Clan

The drawing player takes the card from the top of the pile and announces the category (entertainment, objects or places) silently reads the challenge and announces the time limit. (All cards are in one pile, I have just pictured them in three to show examples of what you can draw per category)

The drawing player then places the card face down on the table so their team cannot see the challenge and puts on the zany, vision-altering google eye glasses .

The team holding the timer sets the time limit and the game begins! The drawing player grabs the pencil and paper and tries to get their team to say the challenge word before times runs out!

Googly Eyes Review By Family Clan

If your team guesses your challenge correctly within the time limit, then you may roll the die, move forward the number of spaces on the game board and your turn is over.

The board game also features special spaces such as choosing your lens colour, draw with the opposite hand, draw without wearing the wacky glasses or simply a ‘miss a turn’ space. All these add fun factors to the game making each game different.

To win the game the teams continue to take turns and make their way along the game path. The first team to reach the finishing square is the winner!

Our Thoughts

Googly Eyes by University Games has been great fun, we enjoyed it on a lovely sunny day with lots of laughs and picnic tea. The game is suitable for 4 – 16 players and ages 7 and up. Although Grace is 4 and unable to read yet, she did have a good try, we just whispered to her what she had to draw and she a pretty good job at drawing.

The rules were very simple to understand from the off. But I would say 15 seconds is not enough time to draw for Jake who is 7, but would be perfect for time for older children/adults. So at this point I just set 30 seconds on the clock and this suited great. The glasses are super crazy, and completely make your vision distorted. Even with the easier green lenses, it was all still quite blur!

Such a great game that I would recommend and available from Amazon here.

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What is your favourite game to play as a family?

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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4 Thoughts to “Googly Eyes – Wacky Vision Game”

  1. Samantha O'D

    Looks fun, i’m sure my kids would find it entertaining,

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    We’ve never played this yet, but it’s on our list of games to get, it does look fun!

  3. Rosie

    This does sound like a fun game! We haven’t been doing board-style games lately, but need to check some out like this one!

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    We have the older version and love it – sure this addition will be a hit with the boys too

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