Good Night Anti-Snoring Rings -Do They Really Work?


Are they a gimmick or do they really work? 

The vast majority of people will suffer from snoring at some point in their life. No matter how many time you say you don’t snore at some point you will.

I tend to snore more when I’m congested and finding it harder to breathe easy. Grand Dad Al snores LOUDLY EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!! Most it seems right down my left ear. So when we was asked to review Good Night’s Anti-Snoring ring I jumped at the chance.

Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

How Anti-Snoring Rings Work

The Good Night ring uses acupressure by apply pressure on specific points on your little finger. The Good Night ring is unique in that it is the only product that uses two acupressure points. This advanced technology brings about superior benefits, not only eliminating snoring but also working in harmony with your own body’s bio rhythms. It is a natural non-invasive way of getting a great night’s sleep both for you and your partner.  Ensuring you awake fresh, invigorated and ready to face the day ahead.

You place the ring on you little finger. Right for men and left for women. The gap in the ring should face towards the top of your hand with the Acu-Activators placed at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. The larger Acu-Activator should be on the outside of the finger.

Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

The rings come in three sizes and although they can be adjusted you do need to make sure you have the right size to start off with.

Does it Work?

Lets just get to it, this is what you came to the review for right!

Although the ring we was sent (size small) was a tad small, Grand Dad Al did wear it. It wasn’t uncomfortably tight so we figured it was ok.

Good Night Anti Snoring Rings review by Family Clan

Like I said earlier he snores very loudly, so I think he was a good test guinea pig. The first night he wore it I spent most of the night listening to see if he was ok, as he actually didn’t snore. Snorted a few times, but no snoring! By the third night I had got used to the quiet and oh boy it was lovely. I’m a bit of an insomniac at night, I can sleep during the day, but at night no chance. It was so nice to read my book (Kindle Fire) in peace and quite without jumping a mile when he suddenly gives an extra loud snore. I love it. He still snored but no where near as much or as loud.

I tried the anti-snoring ring myself for a couple of nights, but as I was asleep I’ve no idea if I was snoring or not! But Al started snoring loudly again.

I think we will get him the slightly larger size ring and then I can use this small size one.

Snoring Free Hints and Tips

Avoid Alcohol – I know a lot of you up in arms already but it has been proven that snoring increases when alcohol is used, especially red wine. Alcohol makes your muscles relax more than usual during a normal night’s sleep. This may encourage the back of your throat to collapse as you breathe, which causes snoring.

Sleeping Position – Sleep on your side with your head slightly higher than your body. Ensure that you can breathe clearly through your nose.

Loose Weight – Being overweight by just a few pounds can lead to snoring. Fatty tissue around your neck squeezes the airway and prevents air flowing in and out freely.

Quit or Cut Down on Smoking – Cigarette smoke irritates the lining of your nose and throat, causing swelling and catarrh. This means airflow is decreased and you’re more likely to snore.

Check with your doctor or GP as you might have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing or periods of shallow breathing during sleep. Each pause can last for a few seconds to a few minutes and they happen many times a night. In the most common form, this follows loud snoring.

Our Thoughts

This small anti-snoring ring is amazing! It has been a great benefit to us. Though I may actually get him to go to the doctors to check out about sleep apnea as I think this might have something to do with his snoring too.

You can find out more information on the Good Night Snoring Ring Website.

This ring would make a great Father’s Day gift as it would bring relief to Dad as well as his partner.

Nanna Jane & Grand Dad Al

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6 Thoughts to “Good Night Anti-Snoring Rings -Do They Really Work?”

  1. susan smith

    I am embaresed to say i snore, but it hasnt been different when i have been thin or overweight, if this works, im all for ir

  2. Alice Colling

    Wow! Definitely worth a try!

  3. Laura Wheatley

    My other half is terrible, I doubt he would entertain one of these but I wish he would lol

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    Interesting, thank you; it sounds like they’re well worth a try.

  5. Charles Fletcher

    Did not think these would work but sounds good, will be trying this.

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    Always wondered if these were of any benefit – something that actually works! Will be recommending

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