Go Gorilla Game – Can You Beat The Gorilla?

Jumbo Games Goula Go Gorilla Game Review Family Clan

Go Gorilla Game from Goula

Go Gorilla is a fun game that is suited to a wide range in ages. Can you balance the Monkey and beat the Gorilla?

Jumbo Games Goula Go Gorilla Game Review Family Clan

Contents Of The Box.

  • 9 trunks pieces of different heights and colours
  • Monkey
  • Gorilla
  • A ramp
  • 4 Banana pieces
  • 9 Palm Tree leaves
  • 1 Dice
  • A game base

What’s on the Dice?

Yellow, Blue and Red dots, this shows which colour the player needs to place onto the palm tree.

Black dot, this lets the player place any coloured trunk they’d like onto the palm tree.

The Gorilla, the Gorilla is coming!

This means the player who rolled the dice must push the Gorilla down the ramp.

How to Play Go Gorilla?

Jumbo Games Goula Go Gorilla Game Review Family Clan

The aim of the game is to build a palm tree and place the monkey on the top but be careful it doesn’t fall down. Quick though because the Gorilla could come at any time.​

Go Gorilla has two versions of the game. Playing against each other or alongside each other as a team.

Playing Against Each Other

Be the first one to place all your trunks! Its a race against the Gorilla.

Each player should start with having all three coloured trunks.

The youngest player rolls the dice to see which colour trunk they should place onto the Game Base to begin to build the palm tree by placing the coloured trunk and a palm tree leaf then the next player takes their turn to continue building the palm tree.

However, watch out because if one of you rolls the face of the Gorilla on the dice, here he comes to knock down the palm tree. If the Gorilla knocks down a coloured trunk, the falling trunk returns to the player and the leaf piece gets placed back onto the shared pile and play on.

The first player to place all of their coloured trunks with the Monkey on the top and the palm tree doesn’t fall down, that player wins and receives the banana counters.

Playing Alongside Each Other as a Team

Jumbo Games Goula Go Gorilla Game Review Family Clan

You play as above however this time its against the Gorilla.

Each player takes turns to roll the dice and places that colour or your choice of colour onto the build palm tree followed by the palm tree leaf.

If you roll the dice and its the picture of the Gorilla, watch out because here he comes.

If the Gorilla pushes all your palm tree down its game over and you have to start all over again, if some of the palm tree falls down just simply remove the fallen pieces from the Game Base and add the coloured block or the palm tree leaf back into the shared pack in order to continue with the game.

When you have used up all the blocks, the last player can then add the bananas to the pictures on the leaves and place the monkey on the top of the palm tree and nothing falls you win the games!

Go Gorilla is suitable for ages 3 plus with 1-4 players.

Our Thoughts 

Logan thoroughly enjoyed playing this game with Daddy S and me. He helped to set up the game and became very eager to start. Logan got very excited when the dice rolled onto the Gorilla face, ”Ha Ha Daddy, the Gorilla is coming!”

Some of the games were over very quickly, other lasted slightly longer, this all depends on the roll of the dice.  But overall it is a very family fun game, that is quick and easy to set up that doesn’t require a lot of room.

This game kept Logan fully engaged and wanting to play again after completing each game. We regularly have occasions where we play six or seven games within an hour. Perfect length of time for a six year old.

Go Gorilla can be purchased from major toy stores and Amazon.

Mummy E and Logan

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    I bought this for the boys ! Cant wait for the virus to pass then i can play with them too

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    The girls are at The right age for this beauty this year ! Make a great gift

  3. ashleigh allan

    This looks a lot of fun – i haven’t seen it before!

  4. Dawn Samples

    My son would enjoy this game and it would be fun to play as a family x

  5. Rich Tyler

    This has my 2 boys names all over it, so much fun

  6. fionajk42

    This sounds like a fun game, and one that I’ve not heard of before. I think my granddaughter would enjoy this.

  7. susan smith

    Just brought this game, its going to be great fun to play, looking forward to giving it a go

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    Great fun – not seen this one – will be great for the boys

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