GIVEAWAY: Glam Goo Deluxe Pack Review

Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack review by Family Clan

Make Slime Fashionable with Glam Goo!

The Glam Goo Deluxe Pack has everything you need to make cool slime fashion for your own unique style! fill the compartments of your cute slime purse and add your sparkly creations to show them off. You can also add scents and colour to get really creative!

Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack review by Family Clan


The contents of the box:-

3 tubes of sparkles – Day Dreams, Cloud Crunch and Unicorn Tears
2 colour pots – Pinky Promise and Electric Blue
1 Violet Vibes scent
1 ring
1 purse
Tub of slime
Mixing spoon

What we need to do to make our very own Glam Goo?

Start with the clear slime removing it from its tub and into the compartments within the purse. This is very gooey at first, I would recommend you leave it open for a couple of minutes as it seems to be a bit easier to handle once it has had some air to it.

Next there is a choice of sparkles you can choose from, Unicorn Tears, Cloud Crunch or Day Dreams. You can add as much or as little as you like per compartment.

Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack review by Family Clan

Then you can choose to add colours, you have the choice of two coloured pots, Pinky Promise or Electric Blue.

We decorated each compartment one at a time, Grace and Jake took it in turns to fill all nine compartments with sparkles and colour. Then all you need to do is mix and your Glam Goo slime is ready! Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack review by Family Clan

The instructions also show you some combinations you can try such as, Cotton Candy Crunch, Halo It’s Me, Purple Rain and Shimmer Lake.

Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack review by Family Clan

You can fill your accessories with the slime to match your outfit every day!

After we had made our concoctions we chose which slime creation we would like to use first for our accessories.

You can put you Glam Goo slime into the front of your purse displaying inside the heart. You also have the option of being able to insert your slime into the ring too so you can show off your creations to friends.

When you have finished making your Glam Goo you can simply put the pink cover over your slime to prevent them from drying out and fasten your purse by twisting the top and securing it together. The purse has a long handle allowing your child to wear over their shoulder.


Our Thoughts

I was super happy to see that the Glam Goo is already made up and in the container ready to use so we didn’t have to go on being more messy trying to make the slime before we create our own concoctions. All I had to do was peel the lid back from the container and the slime is made and instantly usable.

There was just the right amount of glitter and colours in the tubs and the Glam Goo was spread across all compartments evenly without any left over.

Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack review by Family Clan

We have had some great fun and it was lovely to see Grace and Jake together to create their own Gooey makes!

I think Glam Goo is a brilliant idea, yes slightly messy to start with but Jake and Grace have had so much fun and have spent a good hour making and creating and already asking to make more!

Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack Review by Family Clan

Here is a lovely picture of Grace showing off her new purse and ring.

Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack Review by Family Clan


Glam Goo is available to purchase from Amazon

Mummy H, Jake and Grace

Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack review by Family Clan


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