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Wordseach Junior Drumond Park Review

Drumond Park Word Search Family Clan
Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park

When I mentioned a ‘wordsearch game’ to Jake he wasn’t so excited as he says he finds them hard in school. I was determined to change his mind as I myself love a good wordsearch! He had a look at the Wordsearch Junior box we had received from Drumond Park and I’m happy to say he was intrigued to come and play as the box is bright, and very well aimed at children with various animals/objects in an animated design.

We opened the box and was pleasantly surprised at the size and quality of the product

Drumond Park Word Search Family Clan


The contents of the box :-

1 Wordsearch board
9 double-sided game discs (18 different games)
4 x 35 marking pieces (red, yellow, green and blue)

For children who are learning their letters – Wordsearch Junior is a brilliant introduction to spotting patterns of pictures and simple words. 

Drumond Park wordsearch Family Clan


How to play:-

Wordsearch Junior has 3 levels of game play for different levels to suit the age of the children playing.

You insert your colored game disc which is suited to your child, held into place by placing over the transparent disc and blue ring.
Simple as that, you are then ready to start your game!

There is a gap in the blue ring, which reveals to you word/images for you to find. The first player to find the word/image pattern then places their colored counter piece over the letters spelling out the word. Next player then takes their turn by turning the board around again which will then reveal the next word/images to find.

Different player levels:-

Blue ‘picture pattern’ puzzle: Search for the pattern that is revealed i.e. ‘Fish, Bird, Fish’ when you find  the pattern on the board you cover it with your colored counters. Sometimes there are multiple correct answers.

Red ‘picture hint’ puzzle: Search for the animal/word that is revealed i.e. a picture of a dog then word ‘dog’. Find the image of the dog on the board then your child can look for the word dog which is situated nearby. I think this is a brilliant idea and such a fun way of children to learn spellings.

Green ‘word only’ Puzzle: Search for the word that is revealed and place your colored markers on once you have found it!

Drumond Park Word Search Family Clan


The first player to find the correct pattern shouts out, points at the answer and places their colored counters over the images.Because the disc turns, each player will see the board at different angles during the game. If a player shouts out the word but cannot point to the word of pattern immediately then the player loses their turn!
If another player finds a word which crosses over your word the new word will replace the old counter and add a new one.

The player with the most colored markers on the board when all the words have been found is the winner!

Our Thoughts

Im so glad to say, after playing this game, Jake has changed his mind and he really enjoys word searchers now! He said it is much better than he thought and ‘this game is really fun’! Jake is 6, so this game is really suited for him, Grace is 3 and not yet learned all her letters, but I know this will come to help her when she is learning in the very near future!

Aimed at age 4+ and 2-4 players this is a great family fun game and excellent quality which will last us many years to come.

This game is available from Amazon and any good toy retailer for £10.99

Mummy H and Jake


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150 Thoughts to “Giveaway: Wordsearch Junior Fun with Drumond Park”

  1. Eve ogden

    Our fave is most defintley hangman

  2. Natalie Crossan

    We love Scrabble in this house 🙂

  3. Michelle Cheeseman

    I love Bananagrams because the Kid’s like to play it & it’s educational

  4. Angela L Paull

    I love a bit of Boogle – fast furious fun

  5. Theresa Thomas

    We like Scrabble. My Son has grown up (now ten) playing it, and I think this has really helped with his vocab and spelling

  6. Tammy Neal

    We love scrabble 🙂

  7. Robyn Clarke

    We love Bananagrams, my son isn’t old enough to play the whole game but he does love trying to make words with the letters in front of him.

  8. lucinda duxbury

    we play the alphabet game, its easy to play, no equipment required and it can change each time you play by choosing a different topic, great to play if you need to distract the kids on a long journey

  9. Kate Davies

    I always loved word searches, having to really concentrate to find the words and great for filling boring waits at the doctors or bus stop.

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