Wingman Grooming Products Review

Wingman Mens Grooming Products Review

Wingman 1 Family Clan Blog

I really enjoyed using these Wingman products, I don’t normally go in for moisturisers but I could feel the difference after using this, the 3-in-1 was a great space saver in my suitcase on a recent family holiday, & the facial scrub does what it says on the tube!

Wingman 1 Family Clan Blog
3-in-1 Multi Gel

Shower, shampoo & shave all in one tube!
Great as a shave gel whilst also cleansing. The citrus smell is really refreshing & wakes you up in a morning. was a great space saver in my suitcase on a recent family holiday & did the job brilliantly.

Wingman 1 Family Clan Blog

Facial Scrub
Deep cleansing scrub that isn’t too rough on skin. Leaving skin feeling  really clean and refreshed

Wingman 1 Family Clan Blog

Moisturising Cream
Great cream leaves skin smooth.  I’m so glad I got this to take away on a recent holiday to Ibiza, it came in very useful for relieving my sun burn when you can’t find your after sun cream!!

Daddy T

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