Giveaway: Win a Rockin’ Baby Laughin Lobster All-in-One

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Giveaway Rockin' Baby Laughin' Lobster All in One

Rockin’ Baby Laughin’ Lobster All-in-One

We have this so cute Rockin’ Baby Laughin’ Lobster All in One worth $29. It is 100% Cotton.

This bright, cozy romper style suit has a cute teal green lobster applique with shell embroidery on the front. With striped sleeves contrasting the main red body and red applique stars on the dark blue soles of the feet.  This would keep your little star so comfy and cuddly warm. I’ve struggled with what to call it as I’d call it a romper or a sleepsuit. What would you call it?

Giveaway Rockin' Baby Laughin' Lobster All in One

If you haven’t heard about Rockin’ Baby then let me enlighten you a little.

Rockin' Baby Logo

Rockin’ Baby was founded in 2002 to provide stylish baby slings to fashionable mums, primarily on America’s West Coast. Kathryn Wiley saw a reputable brand delivering a high quality baby product, and in it the opportunity to start a movement. She purchased Rockin’ Baby in 2011, and transformed it into a one-for-one philanthropic business model. For every baby sling sold, one would be donated to an earthquake-stricken mother in Haiti.

As Rockin’ Baby has grown and expanded into childrenswear, so has their mission of giving. They now partner with well-managed non-profit organizations around the world to donate slings and childrenswear to needy mothers and children. It works if you buy child clothing then a needy child gets the same, if it’s a mother item then a needy Mum is given the same.

Aren’t they an amazing company. You can check them out on their website here

Nanna Jane


Giveaway Rockin' Baby Laughin' Lobster All in One

The size is 6-9 months – this is the only size that is available and there will be one winner.

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  1. Hayley Colburn

    If I cuold I would put a bee on one, my baby girl loves maya the bee and says bee all the time (she don’t say momma yet though)

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