GIVEAWAY – Win a Beautiful Cat Print Scarf

Giveaway Win a Cat Print Scarf Family Clan

GIVEAWAY – Win a Beautiful Cat Print Scarf

We know we have been a bit quite lately but with the corona virus lockdown and family to take care of things have been a bit hectic. But we are back!

Hope you haven’t missed us too much. To show our appreciation and a thank you for all those that messaged us to ask if all was good with us, we have decided to come back with a GIVEAWAY.

Giveaway Family Clan Blog Win Cat Print Scarf

You have a chance to win this beautiful soft coral pink coloured scarf. It has a hundreds of black cat designed all over it in black.

It measures approximately 152 cm by 37 cm (or 60 x 14.5 inches in old money of you are like me). Lots of material to wear in lots of ways.

Scarves can dress up the most boring of outfits making you stand out from the crowd. It’s a great was to make a day wear outfit perfect for going out with your friends straight after work with out having to change your clothes. Just pop on the scarf, refresh your lippy and you are ready to go.


We would love one of readers to win this lovely coral pink cat print scarf

If you would like a chance to win, then enter our Rafflecopter below!

We really do appreciate & personally read every single comment that you leave us. It means a lot to us that you take the time to interact with us, so please continue to do so.

Win a beautiful cat print scarf Family Clan

The mandatory question must be answered in the “Leave a comment here” box at the bottom of this page to make any further entries valid. No answer means no win! Please try to use 8 words or more in your comment.

Ends Midnight Sunday 9th August 2020

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Question is “What would you call your pet cat if you had one and why?” or if you already have a cat or two “what are their names and why did you choose that?”

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Good Luck!


125 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY – Win a Beautiful Cat Print Scarf”

  1. fionajk42

    We’ve had lots of pet cats over the years, and currently have 4 of them. Venus is a beautiful long-haired tortoiseshell, who my daughter named after the Roman goddess of beauty . Venus’s sister Paris was also named by my daughter, after the prince of Troy. My daughter had a teenage crush on Orlando Bloom who played the role of Paris in Troy the film, which came out the year we got Venus and Paris. My daughter thought Paris (cat) was a boy, but kept the name even after we found out Paris was a girl.

    We also have 2 brothers, who my son named Edgar and Jean-Paul after Edgar Allen Poe and Jean-Paul Sartre, although with time they have become known simply as Eddie and JP. Eddie is completely black, so he was named after someone who wrote very dark stories, and JP was named after another author so that they would both have literary names.

  2. adrian price

    as a big james bond fan –it would have to be called pussey Galore

  3. Annabel Greaves

    I would call a cat custard x

  4. Paula Barker

    My cats were called sparkle, and Twinkle, unfortunately sparkle is no longer with us.
    Just thought their names went together so well.

  5. Tania Atfield

    I once had two cats called Pepsi and Cola because we liked those drinks as children

  6. Iain Maciver

    we have two cats one called ginger because it is and other one is called sweep as it looks like sweep from sooty

  7. Solange

    If I had a pet cat I would call it Misty because I think it’s a pretty name.

  8. Susan B

    I only have adopted adult cats and almost always keep the names they come with. The most appropriate is Cotton, a ball of fluff.

  9. Joo Dee

    Fluffy as had a cat years ago and would be nice to rename another one day

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