Giveaway: Transformers Trilogy Movie Set

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Today we have the Transformers Trilogy Movie set, cellophane sealed, to give away, it has the films Transformers, Transformers: Revenge for the Fallen & Transformers Dark of the Moon.

Transformers Giveaway Family Clan Blog

All directed by the brilliant Michael Bay with the super talented Steven Spielberg as executive producer, these films can’t go wrong. This DVD set is rated a 12, meaning it is fit for viewing by persons aged 12+ it contains moderate action violent & sex  & one instant of strong language.

Transformers have been a big part of Family Clan’s history. Daddy A & Daddy T loved the cartoon version back in the late 1980’s with Optimus Prime etc.  Remember the shout “Transformers, Robots in Disguise!” We had some letters that could be transformed into cars & the like, but the main character was Optimus Prime, I can’t remember if he was a goodie or a baddie now, so long since I’ve watch these. I remember the boys running around the garden shouting & pretending they had turned into different machines.

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Nanna Jane

This DVD set was purchased by Family Clan for this giveaway, it is new & sealed

201 Thoughts to “Giveaway: Transformers Trilogy Movie Set”

  1. dee lisle barker

    Road runner just because he was annoying and made me laugh

  2. robyn297

    Freakazoid, my brother and I thought he was so funny

  3. jacqui rushton

    I used to love the Care Bears because they looked so cute and cuddly!

  4. Lisa Debz

    My Little Pony because it was my only toy and my escape from a terrible childhood. xx

  5. Jenny Rogers

    I loved Tom and Jerry. Usually Jerry could outwit the larger and stronger Tom, and I liked this.

  6. Kay sale

    Tom and Jerry as it was fun

  7. Christopher Read

    The Flintstones as the stories were good

  8. Ruth Wollerton

    I loved Tom and Jerry. Still a classic today. Thanks for the chance .

  9. Jemma Dwyer

    shoe people

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