Giveaway: Toy Storage Unit and Bookshelf by Songmics

Songmics Toy Storage Unit and book shelf review by Family Clan

Toy Storage Unit and Bookshelf

Songmics are a top 50 seller on Amazon and is one of the best selling brand in home organizing products such as storage bench, jewelry organizer, toy storage for kids etc. Here is a link to their Amazon store
We have received a Songmics Toy Storage Unit and Bookshelf to review. The box arrived very fast on dispatch and the contents of the box were all secured with polystyrene and bubble wrap to avoid any nasty scratches in transit and it arrived in perfect condition.

Songmics Toy Storage Unit and book shelf review by Family Clan

The contents of the box:-

Songmics Toy Storage Unit and book shelf review by Family Clan

  • 6 storage tubs
  • material for the bookshelf
  • 8 metal poles
  • solid wooden boards
  • safety anti-topple device for fixing it to the wall
  • instructions
  • screws




How’s Does It Go Together?

The instructions were very simple to follow. First I took the poles out of their individual plastic covers. There are 8 holes, and for each hole in the wood, you align the pole and insert the screw.
Songmics Toy Storage Unit and book shelf review by Family ClanWhen they are all in and secure, I got the material for the bookshelf and inserted it onto the four top poles to then make the space for the books to stand in. Then I got the other piece of wood and repeated the process again screwing the eight poles into the holes in the wood. I made sure that they were all tight, added the colored storage tubs which can be added in any order you like and then it was complete and ready for use.

There are also pieces to secure to the wall to make sure that the unit does not topple over, simple screw into the back of the wood and then drill the wall to secure and link together by cable ties and it is now secured making sure it will not topple over.

Our Thought

We have used the toy storage unit for Jake’s trains and tracks as we normally have them in a flexi-tub and spend ages digging out the pieces we are looking for. Now that we have Songmics Toy Storage Unit and Bookshelf it helps us keep everything organised by separating the track pieces into their own storage tub we now have sections for, straight, curved, point tracks and trains. This has been a great help and Jake now even enjoys tidying up after himself knowing where to put all the pieces!

It is suitable for both the bedroom and the toy area of my living room. I really recommend it. Jake loves how he can just get out which track and trains he wants to play with, also his trains will get less wear and tear as are not all in one box with the track and accessories.

I also really like that the unit has rounded edges which is very suitable for children. The storage tubs can also be moved or taken out with ease. Very simple to put together, the whole unit is very sturdy and will last us for many years.


Just as a side note it could be used for crafting. Nanna Jane would love this for her wool, material and accessories. Her crafting books, bits and bobs in the shelving area.

Can you think of any other uses for it?

The Songmics  is suitable for ages 3+ and is available on Amazon in a choice of white or beech for £36.99 with FREE delivery.

Mummy H and Jake


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