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Who is Speck?

Speck makes products that are designed for impact for protect the tech you rely on. With a balance of slim lines and drop-tested protection, they provide a difference you can see and feel.

Speck cases are also engineered to defend against impact and shock, using multi-layer construction and high-tech materials that deliver a sleek profile and optimum protection.

Speck’s ases offer protection for the technology that we use and pretty much rely on everyday such as smartphone, tablet and laptop. Speck’s engineers carefully design each case to work with the innovative designs of today’s top tech gadgets, so that they offer superior protections without interfering with their features.
Smart, innovative designs is paramount at Speck. Every detail on a Speck case is the result of a thoughtful design choice to allow for the slimmest and best protection.

I am always known to be the one with the broken screen, and no case. Many of times being told to to put a protective case on, but the full cases just never appealed to me, I just liked to have my phone slim and easy to pop in my pocket and not be bulky. Speck offers this service with their cases which makes them perfect for me!

My Phone Cases

I have been sent two of Speck’s cases for me to review, and from the off, I was very impressed with the high quality.

Their PRESIDIO cases offer two layers of protection against drops and scratches and has won awards in 2016 & 2017. The military-grade casing has been drop-tested and they are made of an outer polycarbonate shell molded together with Speck’s innovative shock-absorbing Impactium rubber. These two layers work together to protect phones against drops up to 10 feet.

How does Impactium shock barrier work? … Geometric ridges made of Impactium along in the inside perimeter of case compress on impact for superior drop protection.

There is also a built-in screen protection, all of the PRESIDIO cases have a raised edge around the screen’s bezel, which helps guard the screen against damage during drops. It also elevates the screen when your device is resting face down on a surface to prevent scratches.


Speck phone cases review by Family Clan

The PRESIDIO CLEAR case is military-grade and offers you protection from a drop of 8 feet. Featuring two layers of completely clear protection against drops up to 8 feet. The PRESIDIO CLEAR is the most protective clear case in the industry and is clearer than ever.
Speck phone cases review by Family Clan
Speck’s innovative microdot pattern allows for a clearer design that shows off more of your phone with no watermarking or cloudiness

Speck phone cases review by Family Clan

I really like the Speck PRESIDIO CLEAR phone case, it is smooth and looks very stylish and has already done some great protecting for me, as I dropped my phone whilst at a local kids disco on the dance floor, and it was perfectly fine. Unexpected testing!

The phone case fits very snug to my phone and protects it very well, I like this very much. With some cases in the past, I find they make my side buttons harder to press, but this was not the case with the PRESIDIO CLEAR, the buttons were as easy to press than without a case on, its very light weight on my hand and a phone case I would totally recommend if you were looking for something with a lot more protection.



Speck phone cases review by Family Clan
The PRESIDIO GRIP case is military-grade and offers you protection from a drop of 10 feet. Featuring two layers of completely clear protection against drops up to 8 feet. The PRESIDIO GRIP case which I have received has raised rubber ridges on the back that provide a no-slip grip. Which is fantastic when you are answering the phone with baby in one arm and 4 year old nagging you on the other!

Speck phone cases review by Family ClanSpeck phone cases review by Family Clan

You can definitely feel the grip on this case, I was also very surprised at when I placed my phone on the table to how ‘grippy’ it felt whilst still slightly ahold. The grip from the case just stopped the movement on the table instantly.

Although the cases main features are the grip and appears heavy, I can assure you that the case it still light weight. Fits my phone very snug, feeling like it is full of protection and still very slimline.

Speck phone cases review by Family Clan

The PRESIDIO cases also features a scratch resistant matte finish. There are other PRESIDIO cases available such as PRESIDIO METALLIC which has a shimmer scratch resistant finish or PRESIDIO WALLET which holds cash or up to three cards, but all still featuring slim line features.

Speck also offer much more such as the PRESIDIO ULTRA which promotes to be ultimately slim but protection from dust, dirt and drops and is 15ft drop tested, perfect for someone who has a very busy lifestyle!

These cases are perfect for my Samsung Galaxy S8+, Speck offer cases for various models of iPhone’s and Samsung’s. You can see their range on their Speck website.

Mummy E


As part of our 5th year blogaversary, the lovely people over as Speck have offered us a giveaway to win some of their fantastic phone cases.

You can win any iPhone 8 (these will fit iPhone 7, 6s and 6), iPhone X or Samsung S9, there will be 3 winners.

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