Spatone Liquid Iron Review

SpaTone   ”Your daily liquid iron & vitamin C supplement”

Spa Tone

I was sent a weeks supply of SpaTone liquid iron supplement to review. It was “delicious apple taste with vitamin C” just as it says on the sachet.

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I was very wary using this product as I have never had supplement products before, but thought I might as well give it ago. I emptied the sachet of liquid into a glass; you could easily just cut the corner off and drink it from there.

I have tried it for the week. I was not to sure what to expect, but as it is full of natural ingredients 100% natural iron rich water, apple concentrate, 100% Natural-source, vitamin C. I thought it wouldn’t do me any harm. I am not a fan of things with man-made chemicals in them.

Spatone Iron is a natural iron-rich mineral water from Snowdonia, Wales that is scientifically shown to help maintain healthy iron levels whilst being extra gentle on the stomach.

Family Clan Blog Spa Tone 3I try to eat a healthy balanced diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables, but a little extra couldn’t hurt.

I don’t know if it was down to the SpaTone or not, but I managed to sort and rearrange the children’s bedroom and under the stairs, must have definitely give me a bit of what I needed!

Generally, women have higher iron requirements than men due to extra demands caused by blood loss during menstruation or pregnancy. In fact of all the minerals, iron is the only one where women’s requirements are greater than men’s. It’s not surprising therefore that many women are found to be low in iron, in particular vegetarians and women who exercise regularly, e.g. female runners.

Latest figures from the Department of Health1 show that as many as 91% of women aged 16-64 may not get their recommended daily amount (RDA) of iron from their diets.

You can even use SpaTone when you are pregnant, it would be great for that time when you just feel lethargic & tired.

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SpaTone sent us a sample of their range for us to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings

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    To do all the housework

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    at the moment I would just like extra energy to enable me to cope with day to day life! I am exhausted and really struggling, I am a physical and emotional wreck atm!

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    I need to learn more, to understand , to exercise my brain. always .

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