Giveaway: Shark Bite Drumond Park Review


Shark Bite Drumond Park review

Save your catch before he snaps

Jake and Grace were jumping up and down giddy when they saw Shark Bite from Drumond Park come out the box as they have seen it advertised on TV and had mentioned that they would like it for their birthday’s which are very soon!

What’s Included

Shark Bite Drumond Park Family Clan Review

Contents of the box:-
1 shark
12 pieces of shark food (fish, lobster, crab)
1 fishing rod
A dice
1 sticker sheet



First what we needed to do was add the six stickers on the dice, then apply the two stickers for the sharks eyes.

How to play Shark Bite

To start playing Shark Bite we needed to fully open the sharks mouth and push the shark head down until it fulls clicks into the base. Then insert the 12 pieces of shark food into the 12 holes which are situated in the sharks mouth.

I absolutely love this picture I managed to "snap" of Grace as she caught her first fish!
I absolutely love this picture I managed to “snap” of Grace as she caught her first fish!
  • Roll the dice, this determines how many pieces of shark food you need to catch out of the sharks mouth.
  • Using your fishing rod, rescue either the fish, lobster or crab out of the shark’s jaws!
  • Collect the most fish to win the game!
  • But watch out… if the shark snaps his jaws you lose all of your fish!
  • If there are still fish inside the shark’s mouth, reset the game by pushing the shark back down until it click into place and then put the lost shark food back inside to be caught again
  • continue playing until there are no fish left inside the shark’s mouth.
  • The player with the most fish at the end of the game is the winner.

I like how we are playing and you think you are about to win and all of a sudden the shark will bite meaning that your not winning anymore, as you lose all of your shark food and start from the beginning.

The player who has collected the most fish when the sharks mouth is empty is crowned the winner!

My Thoughts

This game is so much fun and has brought plenty of giggles. Jake and Grace love this game, where as now Grace keeps hiding behind the chair asking me to take her turn so she doesn’t get bit!

Shark Bite Family Clan ReviewAs you hook and pull the shark food out of the mouth I feel Shark Bite needs something for you to hold onto as you pull and sometimes as we pull, the shark’s head would be moving from the table. So maybe if it had fins on the side you could push onto as you pull keeping it stationary on the table.  This would suit both right and left handed people. I feel this would improve the game. The only place we could hold onto is the hinges or the teeth which in time I feel may well effect use of the game.

This game is very simple to understand and is suited for age 4+ and 2 to 4 players. This game does not require batteries which is a great bonus. I seem to be forever taking batteries out of Jake’s trains for us to use elsewhere!

After about 10 minutes of play, Jake was crowned the winner and asked straight away for the next game! I like that Shark Bite doesn’t take ages to set the next game up, all we need to do is pop the shark food back in the mouth and we are ready to play.

This is a fabulous game for all players and I would really recommend this game as is has been so much fun as a family of all ages to play

The game is available to purchase on Amazon and other good toy stockists

Mummy H, Jake and Grace


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  1. Natalie Gillham

    The seahorse as it is so beautifully unique and fascinating!

  2. Monika Bascombe

    I always found sea horses very cute and pretty

  3. Dawn Samples

    I love dolphins as they are so clever and fascinating to watch x

  4. donna hale

    dolphins cos they are so clever and friendly

  5. Danielle graves

    Sharks because there is a kids song on youtube called family shark that goes baby shark do do do do baby shark do do do baby shark do do do do mummy shark do do do and so on lol plus they have awesome teeth

  6. Leanne Perrett

    my sons love jelly fish because they look pretty they love the aquarium near my mums

  7. Jeanette Leighton

    My daughter Sheriah 5 loves giraffes and cats and dogs

  8. Angela L Paull

    Seahorses – that’s his class name this year with the class mascot called Shelley!

  9. Stacey Gahan

    My eldest’s would probably be a mermaid…middle daughter would probably be a dolphin and my youngest’s would just be a fish (She’s only 18 months lol)

  10. Ed Hill

    The Greenland Shark because they grow so old (approx 400 years) and because many of them are blind due to a parasite attaching itself to their eyes

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