Giveaway: Petani Air Socks Feet Heaven!

Petani Air Socks Feet Heaven!

I was thrilled when I was asked if I would like to review these Air Socks from Petani. I was sent two designs to try. One set in plain black and one black with grey stripes.

Cotton Black Air SocksPetani Air Socks Feet Heaven! Review Family Clan

I usually wear plain black socks – makes it easier when I looking for a pair I’m guaranteed to find a match! I love the smooth comfort of these cotton Air Socks. You get three pairs in this pack and they come in a range of sizes so suitable for both men and women.

The fabric is made up from:-

  • 75% Cotton
  • 25% Polyamide

meaning your feet will be cosy and warm in winter, but lovely and cool when it’s warm.

My Thoughts

I love that these socks have a decent length up my calf, with no seam across the tip of the toes, I find that irritating and can cause pain over the course of the day, these have been perfect. They also come in white, which isn’t really a colour I would wear but I know some people do. The elastic around the top cuff was snug but not overly tight. My feet felt really comfortable in these shoes after wearing them for a full day.

Merino Wool Boot Air Socks

Petani Air Socks Feet Heaven! Review Family Clan

This set of socks are so thick and so soft, thanks to the merino wool . There are two pairs in the pack. The fabric is made up from:-

  • 25% Merino Wool
  • 17% Cotton
  • 44% Polyester
  • 9% Acrylic
  • 4% Polyamide
  • 1% Spandex

The lightweight fabric is highly durable making these socks comfortable to wear all day long.

My Thoughts.

These socks are so comfortable and fitted my feet and legs really well. The length was perfect for me and I would have no problem wearing these all day. They are nice and thick so give a cushioning feel in my footwear.

I like the stripes and the elastic in the top cuff of the socks is snug but not overly tight on my calf.


We all need a pair of black socks in our draws and I have no quarms in recommending either of these socks. If you are short of something for Father’s Day this year then any of these Air Socks would be a great idea. You can purchase them on Amazon. The pairs of socks are listed on the Amazon website

Granddad Al

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Question is “If you could have any design on your socks what would you have?


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