Giveaway: Part-Time Please. A Mum’s Guide Book

Part-Time Please Book by Marianne Fernandez

A Mum’s Guide Book to Negotiation & Re-integration.

From Maternity Leave to Back to Work.

This book giveaway is a great guide for Mum’s about to take maternity leave or those trying to get back into work, either at their old job or in a new career move.

It can be a mine field, but with Marianne Fernandez’s’ book gives you help along the way.

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Drawing upon her experience as a working mum, a senior manager & now a training consultant, Marianne helps you to combat worry, guilt & dread so you are free to enjoy every last minute of your maternity leave & perform at your best when you are back at work.

Feeling anxious about going back to work?  Leaving your baby with someone for a full day is totally different than leaving him/her at their grand parents whilst you nip to the shops or a night out with your husband.  Someone else is taking your place, with baby feel resentful? Will baby miss you as much as you miss them? Not to mention the guilt you feel at leaving him/her in the first place. You are not on your own, parents are going through the same anxiety every day just like you.

Learn from other mums about the pros & cons of different part time working patterns, before you decide which will suit you best.

Re-discover your professional self confidence.  Being away from work for even a few months can make you feel out of the loop, even in such a short time, technology has moved on, new people in your working area, new affiliations & cliches can make you feel insecure & have low self confidence & esteem. But read what other women have gone through & how they came out at the other end of the tunnel.

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Nanna Jane

This book is from our personal stash is brand new & never been used.

25 Thoughts to “Giveaway: Part-Time Please. A Mum’s Guide Book”

  1. Tofana

    Interesting, thanks for sharing.

  2. craftywren

    i get anxious about leaving my baby, so far only had to leave him wth grandma so i know he is in good hands but you cant help but worry can you

  3. Dale Dow

    worried….. Will they follow your instructions? Will their methods be different to yours? What if the baby gets hurt? Am I doing the right thing?

  4. Hannah Scudder

    It depends, usually i feel fine because my son is left with family. It is difficult the first time leaving him however.

  5. Victoria Metzger

    I was initially very apprehensive and emotional about leaving my son at nursery especially as he used to cry when I left him. He now loves nursery and his social skills around other children have come on leaps and bounds since starting there. I’m now expecting my 2nd baby and I will feel a lot less apprehensive this time around (I hope!) X

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