Giveaway – Nextbase 512GW Dash Cam Review

Nextbase 512GW Dash Cam Review

We love our Nextbase dash cam’s, infact most of Family Clan have a Nextbase in their cars, so when we was asked to review the NextBase 512GW of course we said yes.

NextBase 512GW Dashcam Review Family Clan

The 512GW is a great dash cam and is that simple to use it works straight out of the box. The 512GW also has the ability of connecting a rear facing camera to it that records any incidents that occur on the road behind you, camera model number 512GWRC that can be added at a later date and the rear facing camera can also be used as a reversing camera that directly attaches to it and only requires the one power supply to run both of the cameras.

NextBase 512GW Dashcam Review Family Clan

Combined with the 512GW, the two cameras will work simultaneously to record in full 1080p HD, with the rear camera footage displayed as either Picture in Picture (PiP) or alternatively in full screen mode.


Some of the specs

  • Quad HD1440P recording
  • 3.0 LCD Colour Screen
  • 140° wide angle 6 element glass lens
  • Intelligent Parking Mode
  • GPS Logging
  • Power Mount
  • Polarizing filter
  • Magnetic Click & Go Mount
  • Night Time Auto Dimming

All these are a great advantage in a dash cam. The clear recording at 1440p Quad HD is amazing quality on play back. It’s so clear even when viewing night footage. It records at 30 fps (frames per second) when in 1440p HD, but can also record at 1080p at 60fps.

NextBase 512GW Dashcam Review Family Clan

Extra Features

There is also a 140° wide angle which enables all the action on both sides of the road to be captured which is great as not everything happens directly in front of you. So with this feature it also makes it a greater chance of catching and recording all of an incident as it happens.

The GPS records location and also speed data that can be viewed on Google Maps™ using Nextbase’s Replay 3™ software. You can also play, edit and share the footage using the Replay 3™ software (Windows 7 or later require).

I love that I can easily play and share my videos, on my smartphone or tablet which is done by using the free Nextbase Cam Viewer™ App which is compatible with Android and Apple smartphone and tablets.

NextBase 512GW Dashcam Review Family Clan

The night time auto dimming is a great addition, this means that the screen will automatically dim when in use at night. This stops it being a distraction when doing night driving.

The innovative polarising filter removes windscreen glare and reflections. This ensures the best possible picture quality on your recordings.

Isn’t it pretty amazing that such a small device has so many additional feature, everything really has been thought through when they made this dash cam.

Our Thoughts

Having previously reviewed the Nextbase 312GW ,the 312GW in Rose Gold, and 112 Go, we know how reliable and well made these dash cams are. You can see the whole range of Nextbase dash cams on their website.

A Nextbase Dash Cam would make a great, but thoughtful gift this Mother’s Day. Giving you and your Mum peace of mind when out travelling knowing you have caught all the details should anything untoward happen.


Nextbase Dash Cam

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353 Thoughts to “Giveaway – Nextbase 512GW Dash Cam Review”

  1. Jade Adams

    It would come in handy for peace of mind, especially when doing motorway journeys. I have witnessed quite a few near misses in recent years.

  2. jochrisbryan

    My daughter had a man intimidate her on a busy road, he was almost bumper to bumper and did this for about 10 miles. She was terrified, all because he tried to cut her up on a large roundabout and she refused to go into the verge.

  3. Owllycrafter

    It would of come in useful if I had this when someone went into the side of my car.

  4. Brian Hartshorn

    I tow a caravan and am always being overtaken even if there is not much room, a dashcam would be working overtime to catch all of the times this has happened.

  5. cheekychicken24

    Our last car was written off after my husband couldn’t avoid driving over some debris at a roundabout – the car looked immaculate, but was wrecked underneath. We suspect it was from the lorry in front of him, would love to have had dash-cam footage to see what happened.

  6. aj

    Every morning when waiting for the lights, traffic always gets in the wrong lane and one day they will course an accident.

  7. David Paterson

    Taking son to his work on a drizzly day, boy racer comes round a corner in front of us too fast, loses it and spins towards us. Took evasive action but he hit us on the side. Proof would have been useful.

  8. Nicole Woods

    A car drove into the side of me and caused me to go up onto a grass verge. They drove away without me getting a registration. A dash cam would have allowed me to see their reg.

  9. israr Baig

    Was coming home from the M1 J12 and having the middle lane a lorry started to move into my lane and i had to push into the right lane, lucky it was empty and the nerve of the lorry to flash me afterwards

  10. Laura Banks

    when we were coming off the motorway and some prat slammed there brakes on

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