GIVEAWAY: NextBase 112 Go Dash Cam Review

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We love our NextBase Dash Cam camera’s we already have the 312 GW for the front view of the car and now we have the 112 Go to record the rear view of our journeys.

You can never be to careful and those who just don’t respect the road and the other drivers on it, so having both views covered is a great bonus.NextBase Dash Cam 112 Dashcam Review Family Clan

Why Do I Need a Dash Cam?

Driving today can be very precarious. We seem to do a lot of motorway driving going to visit the children/grand children we have to use motorways from where we live. The amount of drivers that I class as getting the driving licenses in a cornflakes packet seems to be getting worse. You still see the idiots driving round talking on the phones, ladies doing their make-up (sorry ladies) and those who do not respect the roads and the other drivers on it. So having dash cams both front and rear is a good idea in case anything happens. It can also get you money off your insurance if you tell them you have dash cams.

NextBase Dash Cam 112 Dashcam Review Family Clan

We love our NextBast Dash Cam’s, in fact most of the family uses NextBase Dash Cam’s so we can really recommend them to you.

They are really easy to install, especially if you have a car with a cigarette lighter built into your vehicle. But it doesn’t take too long to hard wire it in either. The dash cam just fits to the sucker connector and sticks to your window. Make sure you don’t have it anywhere that it will be a distraction to you. I have my front facing one behind my rear view mirror and my rear facing dash cam in the left back corner of my back window. Make sure you don’t affix the Dash Cam to a heating element if you have them in your window.

NextBase Dash Cam 112 Dashcam Review Family Clan

About the NextBase 112 Go Dash Cam

The NextBase 112 Go Dash Cam has a magnetic Click & Go power mount for simple, instant connection. 720P HD recording and a 2″ LCD colour screen for easy viewing. The camera has an impressive 120 degree wide angle lens with a five element glass lens.

Parking Mode – recording activated by movement – so if someone reverses into your car whilst you are at the shops or parked in the works car park it will activate to record them.

You can watch the recording of any incidents on either Windows or Mac media players. You will need to purchase a MicroSD card upto 32GB, these are reasonably inexpensive.

This camera is also endorsed by the AA.

Have you seen our review of the NextBase 312GW Dash Cam?

Where Can I Buy My NextBase Dash Cam?

NextBase Dash Cams can be purchased from all good car accessory stockists (Halford, Argos, Euro Car Parts)  and of course Amazon. You can see the NextBase range on their website.

NOTE :NextBase are offering 25% off all their Dash Cams over the Christmas period.

A NextBase Dash Cam would make an excellent Christmas, birthday present for any driver, so add one to your list now.

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  1. Amelia Kennedy

    I live in a lovely little village in Staffordshire. I get nervous driving along the main village street as it’s just not wide enough and people insist on parking at the most ridiculous places …

  2. gav

    The Banoffee Pie was invented at the Hungry Monk just up the road from me. Sadly, it’s now flats.

  3. Lisa King

    Where I live people dont like to indicate, especially at roundabouts! Had many near misses in my town with people not indicating

  4. Laura Jeffs

    I live in Southampton, which is quite near to the New Forest, so lots of tourists in the summer

  5. Shelley Jessup

    I live on an army garrison which is Catterick Garrison, near Richmond in North Yorkshire right next to the Yorkshire Dales it is beautiful here with so much to offer.

  6. Laura Skinner

    I live in a little village just off the M1 and A5. It’s nice to live somewhere quiet, but once I’m out of the village and onto the roads it’s always a mad 30-60min commute to work! Sadly always some idiots about and plenty of accidents, a dash cam would be mighty handy! As for the village itself, it’s well known for being haunted by a highway woman! I’ve yet to see her on her horse, but it is Halloween coming up, so who knows!

  7. Christine Constable

    I live by the coast in Cornwall, so lots of tourist traffic during holiday seasons.

  8. Mary H

    I live in London,

  9. Tessa Davies

    I live in a village which used to have a coal mine

  10. zoe brown

    lovely rural village but very heavy traffic which wont get any better with a new town being built and our road through village is the only main road to it very sad for some beautiful old villages on the route

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