Giveaway – Mini Hornit Lids seriously fun Lids for kids!

Mini Hornit Lid review by Family Clan

Mini Hornit Lids are seriously fun Lids for kids!

Mini Hornit helmets are a bit, no a LOT, cooler than most kids’ bike helmets and they are painstakingly designed to look stylish & fun!

The Mini Hornit Lids are fully adjustable, comfortable, lightweight and they are actually something children will want to wear! I do hear on the playground yard ‘my mum said I don’t need to wear a helmet anymore’ which annoys me so much, as it can only take one fall to cause serious damage, especially as Jakes’ friends are all around 6 or 7.  Jake knows right from wrong, which I am so proud of, so I hope that this new range of helmets will encourage other children to want to wear them through choice and realise they need to.

Jake always wears his helmet when he is on his bike or scooter, he was actually given an award at school in the summer for bike safety as the teachers noted that he always wears it, as some children as you are aware don’t wear helmets. So it was nice to see an award being given for doing the right thing, which sets an example to the rest of the school, and a very proud mum!

Mini Hornit Lid review by Family Clan


The Mini Hornit Lids range I think you will agree looks amazing! Also a fantastic feature to the Lid is that it has an integrated read red LED light, which is an added safety feature, useful for riding home after school in winter as after he attend school clubs it is still really dark, so this idea is brilliant, the lid also had 11 air vents for staying cool!

Mini Hornit Lid review by Family Clan

The Mini Hornit Lids are available to buy in two sizes, Small: 48-53cm or Medium: 53-58cm. With a variety of designs to suit boys or girls your child can fit straight in to the Mini Hornit Lid world!

Jake loves his scooter and is always using it for going to school and back, so when I asked him which helmet he would like, he chose the plain black one (Stealth) to match his scooter. In close second was the shark as he does like sea creatures! There is an amazing choice for children.

Mini Hornit Lid review by Family Clan


Upon first use of the helmet we needed to adjust it to fit Jake, at the back where the LED light is situated you can turn it to adjust until it is firm but comfortable. Once it was the right fit, I placed it back on Jakes head and adjusted the straps to make them a perfect secure fit for Jake. Fastening the buckle with a ‘click’ that’s it, it took no longer than a minute to do this and he was ready to go!

Mini Hornit Lid review by Family Clan

Our Thoughts about the Mini Hornit Lid

I personally love the Mini Hornit Lids and priced at £29.99 I think is a great affordable price as there is such a choice on the market but these are much cooler! Grace has already got her eyes on the spotty one with the bow ‘Polkas.’

We have previously reviewed the Mini Hornit 25 sound bell, which goes perfectly with the Lid, which you can have a read about here.

Mummy H & Jake


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107 Thoughts to “Giveaway – Mini Hornit Lids seriously fun Lids for kids!”

  1. Natalie Abel

    I used to love riding my bike for hours

  2. Monika Bascombe

    my daughter loves riding scooter everywhere – she rode her old one until it literally fell apart

  3. Sophia Tennant Hosein

    Loved playing with my go kart going round and round my drive for hours ❤️

  4. janine atkin

    i loved climbing trees. i fell a few time but it never stopped me!


    As a young child we were very poor and at the age of 5 i would go to our local shops and help the baker van and the milk lorry unload stuff to the shops so i could get something to eat and drink

  6. mandy harper

    I used to cycle for miles with family

  7. Jane H Shaw

    I just enjoyed outdoor games, I loved it when all the kids in our street would be out playing having fun.

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