Jungle Jam Book Review by Louise & Noam Lederman

Jungle Jame Book Review Family Clan BlogJungle Jam Book Review by Louise & Noam Lederman

We have been sent Jungle Jam to review. The book is written by Louise & Noam Lederman and illustrated by Jason James

Mikey the Monkey dreams of being a famous singer. One day he decides to leave his home and sets out on a wild musical adventure to share his singing with the world.

There is rhyming throughout the book,

Mikey the Monkey loved to sing,

It made him feel like a royal king!

Page by page of rhyming we join Mikey on his adventures whilst he roams in search of his fortune and fame. As we read the story Mikey meets many animals on his journey who all have a different talent using different instruments. They show him how they use their instruments and asks if he would like to join them, but he insists he goes on to find his fortune and fame.

This book is designed for young children as an introduction to musical instruments and sounds. It also shows children how working together as part of a team is always best!Jungle Jame Book Review Family Clan Blog

Our Thought

We have found this book to be an excellent read and both Jake who is 6 and Grace who is 3 loved this book and I have been since asked to read this book a few times. Jake has now came to the conclusion that when he is older he wants to be a drummer to bang on the drums.
The book is very well displayed throughout and we like how some of the words are displayed to make it fun as we read ‘Plinkety Plonk, Plinkety Plonk’ for the piano noise is ‘swooped’ so I pointed and swooped my finger as I read and they liked that idea.

At the end of the book there is also activity pages which allows your child to make their very own instrument!Jungle Jam Book Review Family Clan Blog
We also received a small jigsaw puzzle and fridge magnet along with the book. Grace took the jigsaw straight away as she loves doing them.
The book is available to buy here from Amazon here for £5.99


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74 Thoughts to “Jungle Jam Book Review by Louise & Noam Lederman”

  1. Helen Garner

    A gorilla and tom toms

    1. Helen Garner

      because a gorilla beats his chest in the same way he would play the tom toms

  2. Natalie Crossan

    Cat and a guitar. just cus I really want to see that!

  3. Adrian Bold

    A gorilla on drums – just because it looked so cool in that advert a few years ago (Cadburys?)

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