Giveaway: InfaCare Baby Bath & Night Time Bath

InfaCare Baby Bath & Night Time Bath Giveaway

Infacare Baby Bath 750mls

You can read our review of Infacare Baby bath Ultra Mild.  

InfaCare Night Time Bath 750mls

You can read our review from earlier this year for InfaCare Ultra Mild Night Time Bath 

Mummy H along with Jake and Grace all love this in their baths, shhhh it’s lovely for grown up skin too.

InfaCare is available to buy from all major supermarkets also from Amazon Infacare Ultra Mild baby bath and Night Time baby bath.


We now have a lovely giveaway for you to win. Two 750 mls bottles for you to use on your little ones or even yourself, it’s a lovely bubble bath for adults too.

InfaCare have given us two bottles to giveaway to one lucky entrant. If you would like a chance to win, just enter the rafflecopter giveaway form below.

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Ends Midnight Sunday 30th July 2017

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Nanna Jane

131 Thoughts to “Giveaway: InfaCare Baby Bath & Night Time Bath”

  1. Jade52

    Mummy cuddles, rocking and bum tapping ??

  2. Marie Rule

    The key is routine and keeping everything the same each night so that she understands that it is bedtime.

  3. Hayley Colburn

    I have to put her in her cot awake and I put lullabies on and hold her hand until she goes off, after about 3 hours I also go in and give her a “dream feed” its made things so much easier as she’s not been sleeping though for ages

  4. esme mccrubb

    I find that having a regular routine really helps my little ones settle better at bedtime

  5. Jayne T

    A warm bath followed by cuddles and a bedtime story. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  6. Sarah Austin

    I’ve only just found out I am pregnant so its really useful to hear all these tips!

  7. Sharon Johnes

    A warm bath, dried completely, warm pjs and warm bottle then the thumb down the forehead until they go off. Then tip toe around and god help anyone who wakes them!!!

  8. Lucie

    Definitely a warm bubble bath works for us every time!!

  9. Erica Price

    I tend to stay in the room until baby is settled.

  10. Michelle smith

    Let her cuddle her favourite teddy

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