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Gee Whizz Magic Tricks from Drumond Park

The Gee Whizz magical box of tricks for younger kids! Filled with amazing activities and tremendous tricks which don’t need nimble fingers!
Gee Whizz is specially put together for youngsters age 5+.

It will keep them enthralled for ages. With activities like learning to make shadow animals, rainbow glasses and visual effects to stun themselves and their friends – and then there are the magic tricks…
Most of the tricks ‘do themselves’ so even young children can try them – magically grow a flower, pour coins out of an empty dish or ”cut” a rope and instantly repair it. Watch a cord change colour as you pull it through the ancient golden coin and change a dice by simply pushing it through the magic tunnel.


Gee Whizz is well suited for Jake, he is 5 and has previously already shown a lot of interest in magic, so when we received this, he was very excited to do his very own magic tricks and even have his very own wand, instead of a stick he has collected coming home from school!
The contents of the box include:-

  • Magic Wand with flower and pot
  • Colour change coin
  • Super dice tunnel
  • Firework Glasses
  • Super coin saucer
  • Super spinning discs with base
  • 4 x shadow cards
  • Magic card case
  • Parrot in the cage
  • Zig Zag rope
  • Who’s bigger than who cards
  • Instructions detailing everything for each trick

There are a lot of magic tricks to do in just 1 box!
Jake’s favourite trick was the ‘Magic Flower Wand’ pulling the magic flower out of his wand and making a ‘pretty feather flower in a pot’ for Grace his little sister. Very easily understood, but gives you the ‘wow’ effect. Grace also loved this and learnt this in no time as well.
You are to push the feather flowers down the inside of wand tap it down, say the magic words then tap the wand into the flower-pot and the flower will then pop out as if by magic!
gee-whizz-drumond-park-family-clan-blog gee-whizz-drumond-park-family-clan-blog gee-whizz-drumond-park-family-clan-blog

The next favourite was the ‘who’s bigger than who cards’ which is an optical illusion, that even myself got wowed! Here is Jake, in a little video we made, he wanted me to show so you too can see how magic his cards really are!

There are so many different tricks within the set, I don’t want to give them all away, as a magician would never reveal their secrets. The instruction booklet is very easy to understand with plenty of diagrams to show you how to do each trick in a step by step guide.

This game is well suited for ages 5 and up for your little magician!

Jake & Grace think it’s great fun & very magical.

For stockist’s and for more information, please go to Drumond Park website or you can purchase it from Amazon for £15.99


Drumond Park have kindly given us another Gee Whizz for one of our lucky readers to win.

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138 Thoughts to “Giveaway: Gee Whizz Magic Tricks Drumond Park”

  1. Caroline Buckley

    I can’t think of anything specific but I always like how people disappear and then reappear somewhere else.

  2. jacquie godsell

    Dynamo magically making a mobile phone disappear and re appear in a glass bottle

  3. Natalie Crossan

    Penn & Teller’s bullet trick xx

  4. Karen Dixon

    I love Dynamo when he walked through a glass pane.

  5. Tammy Neal

    dynamo when he walked down the side of a building xx

  6. claire little

    dynamo is amazing everything he does is jaw droppingly good

  7. Robyn Clarke

    I liked Dynamo getting jewellery out of a glass cabinet without opening it.

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