FabLab Festival Face Tattoos


FabLab Festival Face Tattoos review by Family Clan

Get the coolest Festival Face Tattoos look and be party ready with FabLab in minutes!

These FabLab beautiful face tattoos are the coolest look for festivals this summer. They are so pretty, but look difficult to do. With the new FabLab Festival Face Tattoo set from Interplay, you and the kids can look spectacular for festivals in no time.

FabLab Festival Face Tattoos review by Family Clan

Contents of the box:-

5 sheets of colour tattoos
2 sheets of glitter tattoos
Tattoo remover (baby oil)
Applicator sponge

The only thing you need to supply is the water! You can apply gorgeously sparkling and elegantly designed glitter and matt tattoos with ease. Every pack comes with over 12 intricate and utterly glamorous or fun and cute designs that can be customised for an individual look! Vibrantly coloured, you can find one to match your outfit! They are also easy to remove again too, so you can go from glam to natural as you please.

I let Grace choose her first design she wanted, we were off out to a family fun day so we knew it had to be Fab!

FabLab Festival Face Tattoos review by Family Clan

Grace chose the blue flowers, so I cut these out of the tattoo sheet and removed the clear protective sheet and placed it on her face.

FabLab Festival Face Tattoos review by Family Clan

Holding the tattoo into the position, I then got the applicator sponge and dipped it into water, making sure it did not get to wet. I then placed the damp sponge over the tattoo a few times. It took about 20 seconds to do the whole process making sure it was all equally damp, but making sure it didn’t get to wet!

FabLab Festival Face Tattoos review by Family Clan

I removed the sheet, which was very simple and we revealed this beautiful blue floral pattern on her face. I am in utter amazement at the quality, and they look FabLab-tastic!

There was no stopping Grace now, she wanted another design on her cheek, after a tough decision, she chose a glittery butterfly. I once again cut it out and removed the plastic layer and placed it on her cheek.

Using the applicator sponge, within about 10 seconds, we were again removing the sheet, to reveal another beautiful design.

FabLab Festival Face Tattoos review by Family Clan

So simple but yet so effective! These FabLab Festival Face Tattoos are such an amazing idea! I personally can not believe I have never heard of them before now. This defeats the object of trying to paint your child’s face and end up with face paint everywhere which I ended up doing a couple of weeks ago when Grace decided she wanted to be a unicorn and I used face paint that just didn’t seem to dry and just ended up smudged everywhere.

FabLab Festival Face Tattoos review by Family Clan

Our Thoughts

I can fully say that FabLab Festival Face Tattoos is the number one choice over doing it yourself, I am won over and I’m glad that I won’t be needing to do a repeat of my above pitiful attempt again which took over 30 minutes!

I love these new face tattoos they would be perfect for festivals, parties and sleepovers, and they contain absolutely no harmful chemicals and are fully tested 100% non-toxic, so us mum’s can be rest assured our children are only having safe fun!

FabLab Festival Face Tattoos review by Family Clan

Jake also wanted a face tattoo but they are all girly designs so he settled on just a small heart on his cheek.

As you can see the sheets are full of many different designs so these will last us quite a while. The FabLab Festival Face Tattoos are available RRP £12.99 from Amazon.

Grace had so much fun at the family fun day we attended, and was complimented many times on her face tattoos.

FabLab Festival Face Tattoos review by Family Clan


You can see more on this video here.


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  1. Joy Winn

    No,but I would have a butterfly🙂

  2. Monika Bascombe

    I have one small tattoo of a chinese sign – was made so long ago that i cant remember what it means

  3. claire Little

    I have a few tattoo’s… would love to get one that represents my kids.

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