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EarPlanes Protection from Flight Ear Discomfort

Being an adult we can understand that on a flight are ear’s are going to “POP” right? But to a child it can be disconcerting and painful, that is where EarPlanes come in.

So if you are going away this year, make sure you pick up some ear plugs for all the family. Saves a lot of upset during the journey.

Of course they can be used for different events not just during a flight. maybe you are going to a concert or a festival? Perhaps off to a motor racing sport or even an airshow. Anywhere where you need to dim the harsh noises

EarPlanes are approved by Flight Attendants. Pack Contains one pair of earplugs. Ear plugs are made of soft hypoallergenic, later free silicone.

Noise reduction rating : 20 decibels

Need some quickly then you can get them on Amazon with FREE delivery.

Nanna Jane


We have one pair to giveaway, they are children size or for small ears

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I got these for this giveaway, Nanna Jane x

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