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Drumond Park Barbecue Party Review Family Clan Blog (3)Drumond Park Barbecue Party Game Review

We opened the box of the Barbecue Party, both children were super excited to see the game & how it was played.

We applied the eye stickers on the vegetables, all labelled with the vegetables name underneath so theDrumond Park Barbecue Party Review Family Clan Blog correct eyes were on the correct piece. This makes them look really appealing to children by being very cartoon like. We started the game by placing the grill bars on top and flicked the switch to on position. This then sets the grill ready for it to spring. The off position keeps it secure so it won’t spring up.  Great for younger players, so they can get more items on to the barbecue.

It takes no more than 30 seconds to set up, as you only need to pull the cards out Put vegetables out, set grill and your away.  Great for impatient kids

How to Play

The aim of the game is to pick a card from the pack supplied. In the pack there are two card for each of the items for barbecuing  and one joker card. Each player in turn picks a card i.e. a hot dog, then using the tongs provided, pick up a hot dog piece and place it carefully on the grill. If you are not careful the grill will spring up and all the vegetables will fly off. If the player picks the Joker card they are able to add or remove an item from the barbecue.

If you pick up a card and the two vegetables are already on the grill 13510549_10157046675450023_768400786_nthen you must slowly remove the item, then you can place the card down with the vegetable on top.

The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect three cards with vegetables on top. The rules are very clear & easy to read.

This game is fun & always makes me jump when it springs up if nudged.  Jake who is five tries to be careful, but sometimes he is like a bull in a China shop. Grace at 2 uses the tongs ok, still difficult but this game is age 4+, but she really wanted to play, so we let her use her fingers.

To Date

Jake has picked out the Joker card each game. I’ve yet to have it. Sure he’s cheating somehow.

Our View

The tongs to collect the items have rubber feel at the end which is a lot easier for grabbing so we do like this addition The grill has a cartoon smiley face so keeps it fun for the children.

The one thing Jake felt would make this game better, would be for the grill to make a sizzling noise or just some noise when an item is being placed, to add the tension or fun factor.

We found the game very simple to do and great fun. This would be great for summer to have at a barbecue to keep the young children occupied doing similar to the adults.

It’s suitable for younger children, Grace didn’t get that she could only take one item off the barbecue, but once I explained it again she was fine.  She is used to sharing & taking her turn. The game can be played with 2-4 players.

For stockists and to play games online visit and is available from Amazon. RRP is £19.99.

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  1. Natalie Crossan

    Chicken skewers 🙂 xx

  2. monika s

    I like sausages in bread with mustard

  3. Lisa Mauchline

    Homemade burgers because everyone makes their own burgers how they like them and they’re so tasty

  4. Kim Lawrence

    I’m veggie so I’m partial to a Glamorgan sausage or 3. They are so tasty!

  5. kelandab22

    Burgers – they are easy to cook and eat & you can change them up with different toppings each time

    Kelly Ellen Hirst

  6. ellie spider

    sticky pork skewers with orange and pineapple slices

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