Giveaway: Disney Frozen Spot the Difference from Drumond Park 2 Prizes

Disney Frozen Spot The Difference Family Clan

Disney Frozen Spot the Difference Game

We have received a Disney Frozen Spot the Difference game from the lovely people at Drumond Park. This game is perfect for any little Princess (or Prince) who loves Frozen.

Disney Frozen Spot the Difference Family Clan

Grace who is 3 absolutely loves Frozen, she recently met Elsa when I took them to an event recently. So was a lovely surprise for her when we received this Drumond Park Disney game to review. We opened this with sheer excitement as I am a big fan myself too… Well I don’t think I really have an option in this household!

The contents of the box are:-

Drawing board

4 Wipe clean marker pens

8 double sided reusable illustrations showing 18 designs to choose from



Aim of the game:-

Disney Frozen Spot the Difference Family ClanThe ‘drawer’ takes an illustration card and places it onto the drawing board then takes the black pen. They would then need to roll the dice which will show either a 4/5/6 and when rolled the drawer will then have to make that amount of changes on to the picture on the right side.

Once the changes have been added they return the board back to the centre of the table, turn the timer and the other players have to find the changes before time runs out.

When another player finds a change they would then circle it with their colour pen they have chosen (red, green or blue). When the times runs out, each player received two points for each change that they had circled. The ‘drawer receives two points for each change that was missed.

Disney Frozen Spot the Difference Family Clan We totalled all the scores up on a piece of paper and then continued to the next player. Wipe the board clean with the wiper that is on the pen lid, swap the black pen with the player on the left and then now that player gets to choose a drawing board.

The Disney Frozen Spot the Difference game ends when each player has had 2 turns and the player who has the most points is the winner!

The boards are easily wiped clean, the lids just pop back on the pens and you can wipe all the marker away. For putting away everything just fits back in to its box as it came. 

This Disney Frozen Spot the Difference game is suited for 2-4 players and ages 5 and over. Jake enjoyed playing this game as it was well suited for his age, but Grace only being 3 didn’t fully understand what to do, so she enjoyed trying to play along with us without the timer, but just ended up colouring in her favourite character, Anna.

This game has been brought out to play every day ‘I play my new favourite Anna game please’ from the words of Grace as she brings the box to the table.

This game has been well loved already, the quality of the product is really good and I believe this to be good value for money for the amount of enjoyment that Grace and Jake have had from the product

Currently available to buy on Amazon for the amazing price of £12.89, would make an excellent addition under the Christmas tree.


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