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Who Are DesignCap?

PearlMountain has focused on the research and development of graphic design software since 2006. They aim to make professional photo editing and graphic design capability accessible to everyone. Their most popular product, FotoJet, has millions of users spreading over 100 countries and areas.

Why Did they Develop DesignCap?

Since the launch of FotoJet, they have received great support and trust from users worldwide, which drove them to think deeper – what else can they bring to their users, to help them accomplish their creative goals? With the idea of making graphic design simple but not ordinary, and providing the best solution to meet users’ design requirements, their new program was starting to take shape.

With nearly ten years of experience in graphic design and software development, they eventually launched their new product DesignCap, an online graphic design software, to help everyone create professional designs such as infographics, flyers, and social media graphics.

An excellent design will not only help speak your message out, but will also draw more attention and get great results as well. However, creating a striking graphic design is not easy and it often requires a great deal of time, talent and money. But the good news is that DesignCap is here to give you a hand, since it is engineered to simplify the cumbersome process of graphic design and reduce cost dramatically.

DesignCap has gathered together the experience and knowledge of their professional design team, and presents access to a vast built-in database, offering thousands of high quality templates and vast collection of illustrations, shapes, stylish fonts for selection. Even if you are a design novice, you can create professional designs without difficulty.

So We Bring to You DesignCap

We have been asked to review their website. So I have managed to have a little play around playing with recreating a new logo for our blog.

As you can see there are templates on the left side of the screen that I am able to use, so even just by simply clicking one of them and adding wording, you can see that it takes very quick shape with very little effort.

It is very easy to start, and very well set out. After adding in my text within the text boxes already on this template, you can then freely add in elements, your own photos, text and so on, there is so much to do so you are able to make it personalised to exactly your own needs.

Here is another example of just how easy it is to just add your own wording to create a new logo.

You don’t have to use the templates, you can start yourself from scratch if you have an idea in mind.

With millions of elements, shapes, pictures, bubbles, badges, arrows, frames the world is your oyster, they do have pretty much everything covered for you to begin instantly.

You can also add your photos into a background and use that as your main backdrop and then add wording to the front. Or use your image perhaps as half the frame with wording above.

The possibilities are endless and DesignCap are here to help you with your every need.

I particularly loves these Scrabble letters using the social media names, I think they look pretty cool and you can use them and expand into an new slide and make your own.

DesignCap offer so much more

I have only shown examples with the logo section to show for this review but there is SO MUCH more on offer:-

Marketing & Event –  Infographic, Chart, Poster, Flyers, Invitation, Card, Business Card, Brochure, Facebook Ad, Menu, Logo

Document – Presentation, Report, Resume, Schedule

Social Media Graphic YouTube Channel Art, YouTube Thumbnail, Facebook Cover, Twitter Header, Tumblr Banner, Email Header, Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Pinterest Graphic, Instagram Story

So yes as you can see there is so much that DesignCap offer for everyone in just one membership.

Experimenting more with DesignCap

I used DesignCap to help create a social poster for a recent competition we ran here at Family Clan. Using the product image alongside my own image and then I added a spotted background which I was able to amend each spot to the colour I wanted which I tied in with the colour of the product.

Then all I needed to do was add in the company logo, wording for the word ‘win’, and ending date at the bottom of the poster. It all came together so quickly, there are options then to amend where they situate, so you can use the ‘layers’ option to bring images more to the front of the poster, or to the back.

Win a CarGoSeat giveaway - Made with DesignCap Family Clan

There is so much that I am yet to explore, but I hope that I have given you an example of just how easy DesignCap is to use and may inspire you to create your own.

The DesignCap website is free to use or if you are wanting to get the basic or pro features you can pay for a monthly/yearly subscription which will give you access to more features.

Mummy H


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  1. Darren Bourne

    My daughter’s designs. She often draws a design before creating all sorts of things. She is only young but shows great promise.

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