GIVEAWAY: Box of Favours – A Caring Gift

Box of Favours – A Caring Gift

Mother Teresa said “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving“. That is the thought press behind Box of Favour. You give a family member or friend literally a box of favours.

My best friend and I always give each other something special at Christmas time and at Birthdays, admittedly she is better at it than me! When our children were little, both our families had no spare cash to spend on Christmas gifts for adults, so she gave us five Babysitting I.O.U’s. Now that doesn’t seem a lot, but Grand Dad Al and I have five children and when they where little we very rarely went out – we don’t go out that often now, but you know what I mean! This gift was worth more to us than anything.  A Box of Favours works on the same principle.

Box of Favours Review Family Clan

What are the Favours?

The favours include tea & coffee, breakfast in bed, back massage, a day out, one hour peace & quiet, movie of choice, house chore, a big cuddle, win the debate, special meal, there is also five blank cards for you to write your own idea’s down.

Obviously some of the options are for differing people. I wouldn’t have expected my best friend to give me a back massage, but she could have given me the tea & coffee for occasions when I need a shoulder or a break I could have used my one hours peace & quiet, even a cuddle would have been useful.

Box of Favours Review Family Clan

You sign a “Contract” paper saying you will honour the favours, when they are needed.

The contract says

“I …………………………….. hereby undertake to deliver any of the favours within this box when presented with the card by …………………………………….

I understand that by not delivering a favour as requested, I will not only be a miserable sod but also in breach of this contract and shall be punished accordingly.

All favours must be completed with in a year of receipt and only one favour can be redeemed per day.

Signed ………………………………………

Date …………………………………………. “

I love this little box and know who I’m going to give it to this coming Christmas. Of course this can be given for any occasion, but would be lovely on Mother’s/Father’s Day, something different than flowers or socks! It would be a lovely gift for new parents.  Also I love the little box that opens like a draw, it would be lovely to keep special momentoes in.

You can get your Box of Favours on Amazon for £11.99.

Nanna Jane


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Question is “What favours would you like to give or receive & why?”

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49 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Box of Favours – A Caring Gift”

  1. Caitlin Kelly

    Breakfast in bed because I deserve it

  2. Tammy Neal

    Breakfast in bed x

  3. Monika Bascombe

    coffee in bed with no kids coming in the morning and waking me up

  4. Jade Bremner

    A day of peace where I don’t have the kids and I wouldn’t mind who gave me it lol

  5. Laura davey

    to make tea for the hubby

  6. Sarah Mccaffery

    A big hug, so I can play it inmyi eldest son.

  7. Margaret Mccaffery

    The day out, as sometimes I start to feel like cinderella.

  8. Mark Mccaffery

    Breakfast in bed as I deserve a little break .

  9. Adrian Bold

    I would clean my partners car, and I’d love to receive a full English Breakfast in bed.

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