GIVEAWAY: Art Therapy Adult Colouring Book

Win a Colouring Book Giveaway Family ClanGIVEAWAY: Win an Art Therapy Adult Colouring Book

For no other reason than we can, we are offering this fantastic Art Therapy Geometric Adult Colouring Book. Forty pages of relaxing, stress beating. fun.

Explore the intricate patterns and symmetrical beauty of these ready to color designs.

I love doing this hobby, I find it so relaxing, and really does help clear my mind.  Just half an hour or so and I feel so much more at peace.

You don’t need expensive pencil colours or felt tips, just enough to make the picture work. In fact it is great some times to restrict your colours as it makes you think more about where you are placing each colour.

Here is an example of one of the pages from the Art Therapy Book

Win a Colouring Book Giveaway Family Clan

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“What’s your favourite thing to draw or paint?”

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Good Luck.

Nanna Jane

117 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Art Therapy Adult Colouring Book”

  1. Laura Pritchard

    I love drawing dinosaurs for my kids!

  2. Carole Nott

    Just doodles that nearly always develop into trees

  3. Helen Tovell

    I love to colour flowers and insects from garden scenes, drawing not my thing

  4. Rachel

    I like to doodle or draw roses, skulls, flowers etc

  5. nadiashanahan

    I like to draw cartoons of my cats! But I am not a very good artist so I think I would love to improve!

  6. Judith R.

    Swear words with thin barely-visible letters intertwined with leaves, stems and flowers.

  7. sallie burrows

    coastal scenes

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    Intricate patterns – find it focuses my mind and takes it off the days woes

  9. Emilia Nastaly-Howard

    buildings and nature

  10. Globetrotter

    I can’t really draw, but I love to colour flowers and butterflies.

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