Gift Sets for Everyone and All Occassions

Gift Sets for Everyone and All Occasions

When looking for presents for family and friends, whether that be for birthdays, Christmas, having a baby or whatever gift sets are a good go to. You can get the lovely pampering sets, the tea or coffee set or one put together by yourself for a couple moving into their new home.

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Gift set are one of my go to presents and I love buying them for my family and friends, especially for Christmas. My best friend loves Oil of Olay and like myself, very rarely treats herself to it, so I always make sure that one goes in to her Christmas box, along with lots of other lovely treats for putting up with me over the last twelve months!

I always get my girl friends some kind of gift set, one of my friends L, loves her nails and I make sure she has a gift set of nail polish.  My friend R can’t cope with strong smelling perfumes, so for her I would purchase a set with a nice selection of tea’s or coffee’s included in it.

Gift Sets Banner Family Clan

When I make gift sets, I love looking for something unusual if I am making my own gift sets and making them personal. I have already started on this Christmas’s gift sets buying personalised key rings, bracelets and other items for each of my four best friends.

I also include a nice bath bomb or shower gel, some hand cream and item of jewelry. Well we all love a bit of bling!

Of course you can buy gift sets pre-prepared starting from a few pounds up to well as much as you wallet can afford and these are great too. You can always get a good assortment in the shops or on-line at Christmas time and then is a great time to stock up for birthday during the year.

Gift Sets Banner Family Clan

I usually buy my sons a gift set of smellies, deodorant, shower gel and perhaps a gift or toiletry bag from the male cosmetic ranges. I usually get Grand Dad Al a Lynx set as he like that for during the week, for his birthday this year I bought him a JOOP gift set. I love the smell of JOOP on him. He’s had more expensive after-shaves, but he keeps coming back to the same one.

If you are struggling to select a gift for someone a gift set is always a good idea. They are more cost effective than buying the individual items.

What gift sets will you be buying this year and who for?

Nanna Jane


8 Thoughts to “Gift Sets for Everyone and All Occassions”

  1. Sharon Freemantle

    I use to make hampers for my nan for Xmas and birthdays. What to you get a lady that has most things? I use to but little pots of different flavour jams, tins of salmon and other fish she liked, posh chocs, posh soap. She use to love going through it and it also lasted a long time

  2. Samantha O'D

    Im making 2 little hampers for my daughter this year, One with sweets and another with stationary

  3. A S,Edinburgh

    I really like gift sets, both pre-made and homemade. Despite the fact that there are a lot of them out there, especially at this time of year, they still feel special to me.

  4. ashleigh allan

    Lots of great ideas for Christmas coming up! I like giving gift sets too!

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Oòoo la la Im spoilt for choice – find it most difficult to choose for my teenage neices – great idea to make a pamper basket for each of them – 2 of them also have birthdays in December – will be perfect- already purchased JOOP as it’s a firm favourite too

  6. Kayleigh Watkins

    They are beautiful sets, I love the personalised ones you can buy xxx

  7. Chloe Taylor

    Fantastic blog post! I love gift sets and enjoy making my own personalised ones for members of my family. My mum loves pampering things, and my sister likes foodie gifts!

  8. Susan B

    I rate gift sets, too. They are such a lovely surprise and so exciting to open up. I particularly like gift sets of bath and shower treats.

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