Getting Barefoot Ready with Footner – Update

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Getting Barefoot Ready with Footner

Who like me was so unprepared for that lovely spell of nice weather we had a couple of weeks ago? Oh Em Gee I hadn’t had my toe nails painted or anything. But I will be ready, now we are into Spring and I have got my Footner Exfoliating Socks!

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In just 60 minutes you can start turning your horrible, dry and hard skinned feet into feet of a goddess!

Tell Me More!

  • Step 1: Remove nail polish from toes.
  • Step 2: Cut open the sachet holding the exfoliating socks
  • Step 3: Place socks on feet using the adhesive strap to close the top of the socks
  • Step 4: Slip a pair of socks of your own over the top. (I recommend an ankle or trainer sock for this)
  • Step 5: Set a timer/alarm for 60 minutes
  • Step 6: After the 60 minutes remove both pairs of socks (one at a time) then rinse your feet with warm water to remove the remaining gel.

In 1-7 days the hardened, dry and dead skin, will begin to peel away from you feet. This process should end with in 10 days, but may take up to 14 days as it differs from person to person.

One thing you must not do is forcefully remove the skin from your feet when they start peeling as you may damage the underlying skin

Footner recommend a minimum of 4 weeks between applications.

Also I found it best to keep my feet down not up on a recliner or chair as this keeps the gel inside the sock and not on your chair!!

Footner Exfoliation Socks Review Family Clan

 My Progess

My feet are a mess, having a spinal problem, amongst other things, I cannot reach to rub or dry my feet, hence the build up of dry skin on my toes. My feet are also swollen (ten little piggies!) at the moment due to traveling to Mummy H and family.

I tend not to wear anything on my feet day to day so I work them hard. Also my favourite shoes to wear all year round are sandals that are like flip flops, so there is a lot of flicking up action on my heels.

Footner Exfoliation Socks Review Family Clan

The gel felt quite pleasant once I had the socks on and I felt no sensation or anything.  It was just weird sitting with plastic bags and socks for a while. But it’s all in the aid of beauty right!

I’ll update this as I go on, but up to now I am really impressed with Footner Barefoot Ready Exfoliating Socks.

Day 5

I woke this morning to this! – gross I know but in a weird way very satisfying too!

Footner Exfoliation Socks Review Family Clan

Warning the pictures are a bit gross from here with more of the above but a lot worse!!! You have been warned. But I wanted you to see the real progress of the exfoliation.

Footner Exfoliation Socks Review Family Clan

Day 6

There is a lot more flaking today of skin as you can see. My feet are actually pinker than normal

Footner Exfoliation Socks Review Family Clan

Footner Exfoliation Socks Review Family Clan

Footner Exfoliation Socks Review Family Clan

Our Thoughts

My feet continued to flake and the hard skin come off for a few more days. I found lots more came off after a shower. I suppose that is natural. They now feel so much healthier and look a lot better too. According to the weather man the weather is going to improve so this time it won’t catch me out. Grandad Al will be painting my toe nails later for me. Roll on Spring and Summer.

I fully recommend Footner Exfoliation Socks. Beleive me if they can improve my feet they can work on anybodies! OF course if you have any heath issues, please check with your GP or Specialist before using this product.

You can read more on the Footner website

Nanna Jane

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7 Thoughts to “Getting Barefoot Ready with Footner – Update”

  1. Charles Fletcher

    These look good, might have to try this.

  2. fionajk42

    Gosh, those results look impressive! My husband could do with exfoliating his feet, he has terribly bad skin on his heels.

  3. A S,Edinburgh

    Oh wow, those are great results! It looks quite easy to use, too. Thanks for such a detailed review :).

  4. debbieskerten

    Great system. Perfect for my hubby too.

  5. Shir

    Never heard of these before thanks for information

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    Sounds great – may have to get some too – my feet are no WHERE near spring /summer ready

  7. Susan B

    Gosh, these sound really good. I also wear flip flip type footwear most of the year so end up with dry skin. Exfoliating socks sound ideal. Thank you.

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