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Pack up quick! It’s time to go!

Get Packing Box

Get Packing by Asmodee is a multiplayer puzzle game that will fire up your neurons on your next holiday! Travel to 30 dream destinations: Hawaii, Bora Bora, Ibiza… But first, make sure you can close your suitcase!

Contents of the Box

Inside the box, you are presented with:-

Rule Book

4 Suitcases

52 play pieces (4 sets)

30 Destination Cards

Get Packing by Asmodee Contents of the Box

Setting Up Get Packing

Grace and Jake was excited to get started, a bit unsure what lay ahead.

Upon opening the box we are presented with the rule book, destination cards, all the coloured pieces and 4 suitcases. The suitcases were the first things they got their hands on!

Each player takes a suitcase and a set of 13 coloured pieces. There is a variety of the pieces which are blue, red, yellow or green.

I shuffled the destination cards and placed them face down in the centre of play. There are 3 difficulty levels so if you are playing with older players then you can leave these in, but perhaps the younger players you may want to take out the higher difficulty cards.

Get Packing contents with suitcase Asmodee

Lets get Playing

When we were all ready, we turned over the top destination card. This then showed us the items which we would need to play this round. Pieces at the ready, go!

What we needed to do now was race to get these items and place them into the suitcase, this sounds easier than it is.

Sometimes you may need to take some out, move them around to allow them all to fit.

Packing suitcase with Get Packing by Asmodee

So even if you think you may be first, think again as you might not be able to fit your beach ball in. Isn’t that always the case in real life too!

How to Win

When you have closed your suitcase with all the required play pieces, you then race to place your hand on top of the destination card.

The remaining players will then check that the player has all the correct items by emptying it and checking, if the player has made an error the game will then resume.

Packing suitcase with Get Packing by Asmodee

If the player is successful in packing their case with the correct items and closing their case, the winning player will then get the destination card and flips the next card over. To start a new game.

The first player to get three destination cards wins.

Our Thoughts

This game has been super fun, although I did feel I had slight more advantage over Grace with her being a lot younger. So to help this the adults can be disadvantaged by only using their non-dominant hand which was a lot trickier than I thought!

As I mentioned above, some destination cards are trickier than others. If you have tried and just can’t pack your case there is a solution page at the back of the rule book that will show you a way to pack your case for each destination.

Grace really did take a big liking to this game, she enjoyed the challenge, whereas Jake thought it looked easier than it was and was asking for help few minutes in as it was challenging.

Get Packing is available to purchase from Amazon Website. Suited for ages 6+ and 2-4 players.

Mummy H, Jake and Grace

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6 Thoughts to “Get Packing Family Fun Game Review”

  1. debbieskerten

    Sounds fun. I like a game that challenges our minds.

  2. Alice Colling

    This looks great fun!

  3. Laura Wheatley

    looks like great fun! my daughters love games like this

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    That’s such a great concept for a game. It looks like most ages could enjoy it, especially if older or more able people do something – like your non-dominant hand suggestion – to level the playing field a little.

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    A new one on me – not heard of it – looks great fun

  6. Peter Watson

    Looks like a lot of fun to be had with this game.

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