Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station Review

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Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station

The perfect intersection of fashion + design. Design. Peel. Wear. Share. Gel-A-Peel allows you to express yourself through your own designer creations! Your friends will be dying to know where you got them and join in the fun of making more together!

You can have your designs on t-shirts – make patches-  jewellery and accessories.


  • 1 Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station, removable screen frame, top cover platform
  • 5 Gel-a-Peel tubes.
  • 6 designer tips: 4 round, 1 rake, 1 star
  • 10 Stencils
  • 3 snap sets
  • 36 design templates
  • Clear drawing sheet
  • Template
  • 2 Squeegee tools 1 large & 1 small
  • 2 Gel trays
  • 2 Earring Hooks & 2 jump rings
  • Cleaning tool

Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station is aimed for ages 8+ but can be used for younger children with adult supervision. Grace is 4 and she absolutely loves using Gel-a-Peel and was eager to get it out of the box when she seen it.

The Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station is much larger than the other kits that we have received as this includes the fashion station which allows you to create patterns to your choice of clothing, which I think is a fabulous idea, letting your children design their own piece to wear! There is even a place to stand all your Gel-a-Peel pens inside the Fashion Station whilst your little creative artist is at work!

How to Designed on Fabric

Choose a thin material that you want to design on, then remove the screen frame and platform from the design station, keeping the frame and platform off of the station as you design.

Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station

Open the screen frame and place the top cover platform in the t-shirt, then clamp down one side of the frame and stretch the material tightly, and clamp down the other side. We lifted the tab on the screen frame and slid in the butterfly stencil. Lay it flat over the material until you hear a snap.

The stencils have either one large image on, or multiple. If the stencil has multiple designs, and you only choose to use one, place some scrap paper over the designs you do not wish to fill in.

Add your tip on to your Gel-a-Peel tube, and draw thick vertical lines down the stencil, changing colours if you wish. when you have applied the Gel-a-Peel, use the Squegee to push the gel evenly over the stencil. If there are any gaps, simply fill in any gaps, and use the Squeegee again.

Immediately remove the stencil by lifting the tab and sliding the stencil out, you now just need to leave your design to dry overnight.

Creating with Gel Trays

Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station Family Clan Review

To create with the Gel Trays you clamp the frame over the platform. Insert the frame onto the station at an angle and snap down to lock in place. Then we placed our Gel Tray over the top cover platform, and Grace chose 2 colours to complete our design but you can use as many as you like.

Draw thick vertical lines down the tray, then use the large Squeegee to push the gel back and forth evenly over the tray. Fill in any remaining gaps with extra gel and use the Squeegee again. We waited overnight for our design to dry then peeled and fold over half of the design, but kept the other half remaining in the tray.

Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station Family Clan Review

Next we added lines of gel on the inside edges of the clutch to secure it and left a heavy book on it to keep it in place as it dried. Once the gel has dried, you can then peel your clutch bag off the gel tray.

Next we got the Snaps and aligned, added a good dollop of gel behind each snap which secures them to the clutch bag, and wait to dry, and then you have yourself your very own home made clutch bag!

Although waiting a while for it to dry, it was great to see a final piece, it worked well, but after play Grace had put it down as normal, and when she came back to play the front and back seemed to have stuck together (although fully dried) after I tried to peel them apart from each other it had ripped so i would suggest leaving something inside to prevent this from happening again.

How to Make Beautiful Jewellery

Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station Family Clan Review

You can also create your own jewellery with these Gel-a-Peel pens! You can do this free hand or by following the double sided template that came supplied. It teaches you how to create the perfect piece of jewellery designed by yourself! The template is really easy to follow, just make sure you draw your lines thick enough so there wont be breaking on your jewellery.

We got the 2 sided template and chose which side we would like to use. We chose the side to make bracelets. Gathering the clear drawing sheet and placing it over the top of the template, then using masking tape to secure it to the table. Grace chose her colours and with guided help by me, we followed the pattern on the template. We had great fun, but the top bracelet was very hard to copy, even for me!

If you happen to break a piece you have made, to repair it all you need to do is reapply gel over the broken section and wait for it to dry, simple!

Our Thoughts

We have previously reviewed Gel-a-Peel and you can see our Pearly Pastels & Glow in the Dark reviews of how fabulous these products are. We really do enjoy using Gel-a-Peel as it is such great family time seeing Grace and Jake concentrating whilst they make their very own design and they are so proud of their creations when finished.

Although this set comes with 5 Gel-a-Peel tubes, I feel this set would benefit a few more as by the time we made one product the tubes were already past half way.

You can view the Fashion Station on Amazon here

Mummy H and Grace.

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  1. A S,Edinburgh

    That looks really good. The manufacturers could definitely do with adding more gel tubes, though, by the sounds of it. Thanks for the review!

  2. ashleigh allan

    This looks fantastic my daughter would love it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kayleigh Watkins

    This is a lovely set, I’ve got Megan a little set if she enjoys it I’ll be getting her a bigger set xXx

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Jake and Grace really love them. I’m sure Megan will too. x

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    One of my neices has asked for this
    I’m still undecided
    Can get quite pricey

  5. Sidrah Ahmed

    Wonderful my daughter would love this

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