Gel-a-Peel Colour Change Kit

Gel a Peel Colour Changing Kit Family Clan

Gel-a-Peel Colour Changing Kit

Gel-a-Peel has always been a big hit in our household, so when we were asked to review the colour changing kit we jumped at the chance.

Gel a Peel Colour Changing Kit Family ClanThis set includes:-

16 Design Templates

3 Gel Tubes

5 designer Tip

1 Gel Tray & Accessory hardware

We love Gel-a-Peel and it is a great craft activity that your children can do, and great to do together, it is great that they can create their own jewellery to wear too!

How to Use Gel-a-Peel?

First we had a choice of what we would like to make. We looked at the templates and chose necklace. After selecting we got the template and clear drawing sheet and stuck both to the table using sellotape, to prevent any movement whilst the designs are being made. After choosing our template, we had a choice of three Gel-a-Peel coloured tubes to choose from, Grace chose pink!

Gel a Peel Colour Changing Kit Family Clan
There are different tips to choose which simply screw on to you Gel-a-Peel tube to give you different effects on your designs on your template you chose. The template will suggest which pen for you to use by displaying a number next to each section. If you refer back to the instructions sheet you will see you will have a choice of Round Tip, Star Tip, Rake Tip, Spike Effect and Rainbow Effect styles.

Press the tube tip against the clear drawing sheet and squeeze as you slowly follow the pattern, Grace loved doing this to create her necklace. When you have finished using your colour, remove the tip. Make sure you replace the protective plug back on, this prevents your Gel-a-Peel drying out! For your Gel-a-Peel design to work you must make sure all the gel lines, spikes, different colors and other designs are touching.

A great effect to these tubes in this kit, is that they change colour in the sun!

What Can I Make?

Gel a Peel Colour Changing Kit Family ClanThere are many different designs you can choose from using the templates, such as bracelets, earrings, or create something without a template and design yourself.

You can use the gel tray supplied to create your charms for your necklace or you can use the tray moulds to also create your own earrings.

If you are wanting to add more than one colour in your gel tray – wait 5-10 minutes before adding the additional colours to your design to allow the first colour to dry slightly. There are so many choices, you will have hours of fun making different types of jewellery.

On your template it will tell you on each sheet how long your design will take to dry. After waiting the time stated, use the included cleaning tool to peel it from the clear drawing sheet and you have your stunning jewellery ready to wear.

If you happen to break a piece you have made, to repair it all you need to do is reapply gel over the broken section and wait for it to dry.

Gel-a-Peel Colour Change Kit Review Family Clan

Grace wearing her necklace she made and also wearing the Gel-a-Peel bracelet that Jake made for her too!

Gel-a-Peel can be used to decorate pretty much anything such as ­bags & accessories, great for children to create and make with so much left in the tube after finishing.

We have had great fun making these and I’m pretty sure the re-fill sets will be on the Christmas list!

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Mummy H & Grace

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  1. Stevie Fairbairn

    My niece would love to get stuck into this set. She loves crafting when she visits.

  2. Elinor Fisher

    This is such a brilliant idea for a creative girl who loves bling! My niece will love trying this!

  3. Paul Wilson

    Looks like fun.

  4. Kayleigh Watkins

    They look like lots of fun. Megan would love them, she has a gel a peel pack for Christmas they don’t change colour though which is cool xxx

  5. Ashleigh Allan

    My daughter would like this. I have to stop buying tho ?

  6. A S,Edinburgh

    That looks like a lot of fun; thanks for the review!

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    More treats to spoil my FAMILY – personalised goodies always go down well

    1. Margaret Gallagher

      Whoops wrong post – neices will love these girlie treats

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