Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone Slime inspired jars!

Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone Slime inspired jars!

Gel-a-Peel was on the look out for mini crafters and Gel-A-Peel enthusiasts to help them get creative and create some Ambi-C inspired slime jars using Gel-A-Peel, so we said yes!

If you haven’t seen the awesome video, take a look at Ambi C making some Gel-a-Peel slime and creating her slime jar also using Gel-a-Peel. You can see this here!

Inspired by her slime jars, Grace and Jake watched her video over and over and loved the idea of creating their very own jars with Gel-a-Peel too! After all a handy jar can hold all your bits-and-bobs safely!


Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone Slime inspired jars! Family ClanWe have been sent a Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone Kit and two jars for us to get crafty!

The Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone kit includes:-

16 Design Templates

3 Gel Tubes

5 designer Tip

1 Gel Tray & Accessory hardware

We love Gel-a-Peel and it is a great craft activity that your children can do this Easter half term, they are great to do together, I think it is fantastic that Jake and Grace can create their own jewellery to wear.


You have a choice of what you would like to make, so we looked at the templates and Grace chose a bracelet. We got the template and clear drawing sheet and stuck both to the table using masking tape, to prevent any movement whilst Grace’s designs was being made. Next we had a choice of three Gel-a-Peel coloured tubes to choose from, Grace chose her favorite colour pink to make for the heart bracelet and gold for the diamond shaped bracelet.

There are different tips to choose which simply screw on to you Gel-a-Peel tube to give you different effects on your designs on your template you chose. The template will suggest which pen for you to use by displaying a number next to each section. If you refer back to the instructions sheet you will see you will have a choice of Round Tip, Star Tip, Rake Tip, Spike Effect and Rainbow Effect styles.

Press the tube tip against the clear drawing sheet and squeeze as you slowly follow the pattern, Grace loved doing this to create her bracelet and started before I had the change to see, she is clearly an expert now! When you have finished using your colour, remove the tip. Make sure you replace the protective plug back on, this prevents your Gel-a-Peel drying out! For your Gel-a-Peel design to work you must make sure all the gel lines, spikes, different colors and other designs are touching.
Whilst she waited for these to dry she then used the gel tray to prepare some lovely heart and jewels to stick onto her jar.

Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone Slime inspired jars! Family Clan

A great effect to Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone kit is that the tubes have two colours within! After creating the bracelet, we then started to decorate the jars.

Using the stick on gems Grace and Jake applied them onto the jar, then Jake tried to add the pom poms, normal glue wasn’t strong enough to hold the pom poms and kept falling off, but a little dollop of Gel-a-Peel onto the pom pom and they then stuck onto the jar easily and stayed on to the excitement of Jake as he was getting frustrated that they kept falling off with normal glue, Gel-a-Peel to the rescue!!!

Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone Slime inspired jars! Family Clan

After Grace and Jake designed their jars with the pom poms and stick on gems, they left a gap so they were able to add on their names too! Jake wanted to do his name with stick on gems, where as Grace asked me to use the Gel-a-Peel to write her name on.

So here we have it, two slime inspired jars ready to fill with everything!

What can we make with Gel-a-Peel?

There are many different designs you can choose from using the templates, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces or create something without a template and design yourself.

You can use the gel tray supplied to create your charms for your necklaces or bracelet designs or you can use the tray moulds to also create your own earrings.

If you are wanting to add more than one colour in your gel tray – wait 5-10 minutes before adding the additional colours to your design to allow the first colour to dry slightly. There are so many choices, you will have hours of fun making different types of jewellery.

On your template it will tell you on each sheet how long your design will take to dry. After waiting the time stated, use the included cleaning tool to peel it from the clear drawing sheet and you have your stunning jewellery ready to wear.

If you happen to break a piece you have made, to repair it all you need to do is reapply gel over the broken section and wait for it to dry.

Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone Slime inspired jars! Family Clan


Gel-a-Peel would make an excellent Easter gift a great alternative to chocolate. Gel-a-Peel is aimed at age 8+ but they are also great for younger children with parental help as Grace is 4 and she loves these kits, and what girl doesn’t like wearing jewellery that they can create themselves!

Grace even chose to add pom poms onto her diamond bracelet which I think she did a really creative job at. Just gorgeous!

Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone Slime inspired jars! Family Clan

Gel-a-Peel can be used to decorate pretty much anything such as ­bags & accessories, great for children to create and make with so much left in the tube after finishing.

We love Gel-a-Peel and have previous reviewed other sets Fuzzy & Jelly KitsGlow in the Dark KitPearly Pastel Kit, Colour Change Kit2-Tone Kit & Fashion Station take a look! You can purchase the 2-Tone kits from Amazon.

How would you decorate your jar?

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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  1. lesley renshaw

    My daughter loves crafts so she’d love these x

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Havent used ours yet – will be in the next few days – easter fun for us all

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