Gazillion Bubble Pong – Ready! Aim! Bubbles!

Gazillion bubbles bubble pong Review Family Clan

Ready! Aim! Bubbles!

Experience the first game of its kind that blasts your opponent with bubbles!

We have been sent Gazillion Bubble Pong for us to review.

The Contents of the box:-

Game console
6 ping pong balls
2 removable trays
2 removable bumpers
8oz of Gazillion bubble mixture

Gazillion bubbles bubble pong review Family Clan


We removed the game console from the box, added the removable bumpers onto the game console. The removable bumpers allow you to play the game in three challenging modes, beginner, intermediate & advanced which gives a chance for all the family to play and will also give children hours of play with the game console letting them test their bouncing skills.

The game console requires 8x AA batteries! Which is quite alot, but it seems to be 4x AA batteries for either side of the game console as it has two fans to operate, one on each side for each opponent.

After inserting the batteries we then added some bubble mixture into each side into each of the trays and we were then ready to play.

How to play Bubble Pong

On the game console you have the options of ‘Bubbles/Off/Pong’

By selecting ‘Bubbles’  this sets the bubble machine into full motion dispersing bubbles from either side continuously.

By selecting ‘Pong’ this allows the game mode to begin. Each player has their ping pong balls and bounces them on a hard surface aiming to bounce them into the opponents side of the machine. If you bounce it in, the bubble machine will blow bubbles at your opponent and you gain one light on the game console. Each time you do this you will gain another light, the first person to score three times wins! The game console recognises which side the ball lands on pressing button on the inside when a ball lands which activates the light. One of these buttons does seem to faulty so unfortunately we haven’t had perfect results but Jake and Grace have still enjoyed themselves even with this fault.

Gazillion bubbles bubble pong review Family Clan

The Gazillion bubble mixture really does go a long way, it is so much fun and such a great choice to have in the garden for summer (which seems so far away but hopefully it will be here soon!)

Jake and Grace have had such great fun bouncing the ping pong balls on the ground and seeing if they can bounce them to the other side, and they had so many laughs when the bubbles ended up coming out to the front of where they were bouncing.

Gazillion bubbles bubble pong review Family Clan


The Gazillion Bubble Pong is appropriate for ages 5 years and up and suitable for two players and available on Amazon for £19.99

Our Thoughts

Grace and Jake have loved playing with the Bubble Pong and the bubble machine part seems excellent and produces lots of bubbles it is a shame there there was a fault with our game console button inside, but other than this, I can see that the Gazillion Bubble Pong is a great product and great family fun!

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Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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2 Thoughts to “Gazillion Bubble Pong – Ready! Aim! Bubbles!”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    We love our BUBBLES too – sure the boys would love it

  2. LeAnn Harbert

    This looks like fun. My granddaughters would really enjoy this.

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