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Garofalo is an Italian company specialising in the production of Pasta.
Based in Gragnano in the province of Naples, the company was founded in 1789 and since then Garofalo has been synonymous with excellence.

Today, Garofalo combines artisan tradition, modern technology and a sound philosophy of production to produce premium quality pasta, carefully controlled at every aspect of the process until the final result is what they consider the absolute best pasta.

Garofalo present its premium product in transparent packaging, making it instantly recognisable on the shelf with the philosophy there is nothing to hide and everything to share, and with the belief that high quality pasta is beautiful to look at.

Looking to spread to word of their brand and to show that it is not ‘just pasta’. Finding that it is sometimes quite difficult to explain that not all pasta is created equally and why you would pay a bit more for Garofalo pasta when it is ‘just pasta’.

Once tasted it is easy to talk about the benefits of pasta made from high protein wheat and formed through a bronze die to give a rough surface for the sauce to stick….. etc.

Garofalo banner

They could say that Pasta Garofalo was born in 1789, they could boast of the fact that in Italy, since the Twenties, Pasta Garofalo had become the highest quality pasta par excellence, they could list the certifications and technologies used in their factories to make the best semolina into the best pasta possible.

In reality they like to think that the History of Pasta Garofalo is all in the Pasta that they produce, in the knowledge and centuries-old experience in the field, in the constant search for quality and taste.

Garofalo Quality Pasta

Garofalo pasta is packaged in transparent packaging and they offer such a wide variety. With 4 product lines (Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, Whole Wheat Durum Pasta, Gluten Free Pasta, Organic Pasta for Children) with over 80 product formats, to best meet the demands and tastes of their consumers.

In over 500 years of experience they have learned artisan intelligence, which has allowed them to develop a technology with which we can control every phase of pasta production, from the choice of semolina to packaging, different and decisive for each formed, a pacchero, a spaghetti, a worm.

It is with this awareness and with these possibilities that they can consider each format a different pasta and not the same pasta with a different shape.

Which if you are a pasta lover you will understand this phrase fully as not all pasta suit a tomato based sauce, some suit a simple garlic and extra virgin olive oil base, as a simple as it comes but makes all the difference.

Such as this Garofalo Farfalle Tri Colour pasta, just cook with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 3 cloves of chopped garlic, add your cooked pasta and its a full filling meal in itself. I also added additional mushrooms into this dish and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

Garofalo Pasta Farfalle Review by Family Clan

With such a variety of pasta on offer, you can find such a choice suited for any recipe you are wanting to make.

When you look at the packaging, transparent even on the sides, where the pasta leaves imperfections and micro-fragments that no one has ever had the courage to show, they think it really worth being transparent. Garofalo continue to seek perfect balance and taste. As always.

Tagliatelle Pasta Soup

We couldn’t wait to get started. The house favourite is tagliatelle. Where I will show you such simple and heart warming dish for when the weather is a bit dismal.

Garofalo Pasta review by Family Clan

Without a doubt I use tagliatelle every week as it is Jake’s favourite pasta dish and is always the top of his requests for tea. So on this occasion we have used the Garofalo tagliatelle to make this dish.

What you will need:-

Vegetable stock cubes (I find OXO give a better taste for this dish)
Potatoes chopped into quarters or eighths
Parmesan cheese to serve

  • First set about 3/4 of a pan of water to boil.
  • Once boiling add 2 or 3 vegetable stock cubes.

  • Now add in your chopped potatoesGarofalo Pasta Soup recipe using Tagliatelli review by Family Clan
  • All we need to do is wait for the potatoes to cook for about 12 minutes until they start to soften.
  • Then add the tagliatelle in, I like to get the kids involved here, by scrunching each tagliatelle ball into the pan.
  • After the tagliatelle is cooked, serve up and present with a good sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

Very simple and made within 20 minutes. Plenty to go round too! What’s more if you are following Slimming World this recipe is completely Syn Free (without parmesan)

This meal tastes so much nicer with the Garofalo pasta, even Jake has commented on how “extra yummy” it was, which is a big bonus as he is such a fussy eater.

Lasagne Sheets

Okay, I have never made cannelloni before, always bought shop bought ready meal cannelloni. I had always really enjoyed them but the calorie intake was really high. So I couldn’t wait actually wait to make this dish from scratch.

Garofalo pasta review lasagne sheets

It all was pretty easy even though in total it took about 2 hours (this recipe is broccoli based). So it is extremely healthy and very yummy!

Garofalo pasta review lasagne sheets

I have recently got the Pinch Of Nom recipe book so decided to copy a recipe from within there using the lasagne sheets and make a recipe from scratch.

Garofalo pasta review lasagne sheets

The first thing I noticed whilst cooking the lasagne, is the much higher quality of the lasagne sheets in comparison to the normal cheap super market ones I’ve bought in the past.

After boiling the lasagne sheets I placed these on cling film and covered to keep moist.

Garofalo pasta review lasagne sheets

For each sheet I used I would place my broccoli and ricotta based filling to the edge and roll tightly within the sheet.

I was pretty impressed I made it this far and very easily. I must say the quality of the sheets is very high and I found these easier to handle. They started to take look great in no time!

Garofalo pasta review lasagne sheets

I finished off the toppings and I was so pleased it was ready to cook.

Garofalo pasta review lasagne sheets

The lasagne sheets worked really well, and much high quality than super market brands.

Garofalo pasta review lasagne sheets

Perfect if you are wanting to make your own cannelloni, Garofalo also offer Cannelloni tubes ready to fill instantly if you don’t quite fancy preparing your own.

With the left over sheets I also made a small lasagne and served with a side of salad. Lasagne is a full meal in itself, but I feel the salad just gives it that lighter taste.

Lasagne with Garofalo Pasta

I also used the Parpadelle pasta with my very easy tomato based sauce, this is a sauce that I use all the time, simple and yummy and using the Parpadelle just works perfectly within.

Our thoughts

I do have two very close friends who are Italian, and I told them about having the opportunity to review Garofalo, they had already heard the brand and said that I was in for a treat as it was already know to them for the great quality. They weren’t wrong! I gave them a few packs of the pasta I got to review and they commented on the great quality throughout them all.

I would really recommend Garofalo, you can find their pasta range stocked on Ocado Website, it is worth spending that little bit more for such high quality.

Mummy H


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